When the moon turns it's dark face towards Hyrule, the whispered prayers always begin.
  An annual event marking the moon Tawul's perigee in the late fall. At this time, the moon is at it's closest to the planet. The three day period is marked by feverant prayers and retellings of the story of Mojar's Wrath, where the jealous Goddess sought to remove Tawul from the sky and give the world her golden form for all time. While over the course of recorded history no disastrous events have been connected directly to Moonfall, the event is still regarded heavily with superstition and foretelling a of disaster.

A Tale of Destruction

Early references to Moonfall tell of a distant land in which the Sun Goddess attempted to crash the moon into the center of civilization. She was eventually stopped by Moon God. In the story, both gods had been sealed away in ritualistic masks to contain their power and keep them from fighting.
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  Each culture across Hyrule holds various traditions tied to the Moonfall. Some are celebrations of a new year, others a somber evening of remembrance. All are unique and tied to ancient legends.  


The dominant culture in the land, Hyruleans have become the one group able to turn Moonfall into a more joyous occasion, one benefited by its observance as the beginning of the new year. It is also considered to be an auspicious time for couples to be married. Many celebrations among the Hyruleans include the wearing of masks and the playing of pranks.











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