I can not allow you but the briefest of touches on these threads of fate. But to watch them be wefted together, woven into the grander tapestry of tales?   That I can allow.
  A near omnipotent and omniscient being that exists just outside of the reality of Hyrule's space and time. Mudora is the voice from which you, dear reader, are given the glimpses of this world. Unlike you this genderless, formless being is able to directly adjust how any story may continue. A door left unlocked here, a shift of the light there. Its goal is simple: to make sure the stories continue under whatever means necessary.   Strictly speaking, Mudora is not a deity and does not possess any of the mighty powers of a god. Only the ability weave the strands of fate into an unending tapestry of history. They are, however, the progenitor of the Golden Gods as well as the darkness. This darkness seeks to unravel Mudora's work, to tear apart the threads of a thousand stories and snuff life and light from existence, past and present.
A Divergence
Occasionally, Mudora will find themselves interacting with other aspects of themselves. These versions will sometimes be aligned to each other, working in some sort of cohesion towards furthering the story. Other times they will work towards a common goal, but begrudgingly.
  The pre-Divine War illustrated Manuscript, the Book of Mudora shares its name with Mudora.
Presented Sex
As needed


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