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Aesthetic of the Forest

While the Goblins of the Skullbrood Clan may be scavengers for the vast majority of their needs, they do personalize many of the items they take. The majority of the Family is content with whatever they can get, wearing a vast array of clothing and accessories, really whatever happens to fit them, many more are skilled tailors with an eye for design.
Favoring designs and color palettes that accent their green skin, with ornamentation that doesn't clash with their predominantly purple eyes. Many taking an interest in items that have some connection to the forest canopy or the wind itself. In recent times Illy, the current High Priestess, popularized feathers being worn in their hair. Despite not everyone not knowing the meaning behind it. However, feathers have taken a bit more of a broad brush in current culture, being incorporated in a great many outfits worn by the Clan.
The casual wear of the clan tends to be loose fitting, longer garments that cover them more. Typically of smooth or soft materials, silks being prized but not seen as particularly acceptable for everyday wear. Aside from the rarity of the material for them, it is difficult to maintain for them as well. Their casual wear tends to be a conglomerate of resized cloths to actually fit them, the excess material being used to make belts or ribbons to tie through their long braids.
"Now don't get meh' wrong. That little one, that female with the obnoxiously long braid, she's the one you want to talk to. She will trade with you, won't discuss a price, only needing more material for that Clan of hers. Though, I'll add son, she's got an eye for unique pieces. Don't rightly know what she does with all of it, but it's worth considering bringing the patterned cloth to her. She might even trade some odd artifacts for that." Elder Foxes leader based out Willowbrook, in the wake of the Galus assault on the skullbrood clan.
The Goblins enjoy a fashion that blends into the background of their forested hills. Dark greens, browns, and faded blues being particularly favored. Patterns that break up their outlines even more so. They enjoy the sense of safety it brings as they flit their way through the branches of the canopies. While they favor loose and comfortable clothing inside the village and for formal events inside the Galus Courts accompanied by their Dwarven Benefactors, in the field is a much different prospect. Function is above all else their prime directive in such matters, tight fitting garb with little to snag on branches or to grab. Their armor being more to cover where they'd be hit, rather than full suits of armor that only slow them down.
All in all, the Goblins enjoy their clothing and accouterments to a large degree. Enjoying small details like runes being stitched into the hems of their collars, or subtle patterns in the cloth itself. Their fashion sense being influenced in two directions, Dwarven and Caliphiti rather than strictly human in form and function.


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May 15, 2024 06:50 by Neigh Ventus

I love the art you have in this article!! glad i clicked the link in discord!

May 15, 2024 11:33

I'm glad you like it!

May you find the truth as it billows through the branches...
May 15, 2024 08:12 by Kerry

This was a nice read, and shows versatility and a bit of duality in their fashion choices. I enjoy the level of depth and intelligence you have given what media and games generally write off or discredit as a species.   The art is also lovely, albeit slightly hard for me to see ^^:   Do they have wedding attire, or the concept of marriage?

May 15, 2024 11:33

Oh my yes! A bit of the spark notes on that. The wedding ceremony has the women wear the High Priestess dress in a symbolic reference to the priestess title of "Mother". Though it is retailored to the bride for the event, but it is a clan wide event! The husband wears an outfit that is meant to accent their stature for power and their ability provide for the Family. I was going for a military-ish get up for the husband, but ultimately it's a a pairing used to signify their bond aestheticly!

  If only you could see the grin on my face at your question! But, are the images just too small? Is their contrast a bit hard to see?

May you find the truth as it billows through the branches...
May 15, 2024 19:25 by Kerry

I bet it was a lovely smile ^^ And I'm visually impaired so the contrast was merely low. I could see once I opened the images

May 30, 2024 17:14

Nice little informative article about what to wear for your goblins - what I liked most was that they wear inconspicuous clothing that allows them to blend in with the forest or surroundings. Wonderful images, I hope you add some color to them.

Stay imaginative and discover Blue┬┤s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.

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Jun 1, 2024 03:04

Thank you! I too wish to add color to them, I just am practicing a lot till I get up to the point where I like my artwork enough to publish it. I like my black and white, but color is very nice!

May you find the truth as it billows through the branches...