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The Silver Trident

The Silver Trident is a trade triarchy made up of three wealthy and powerful families that have ruled over the Wrsta Islands for several generations.

Teeth of the Trident

House Reynders

House Reynders was once the wealthiest family in the Kingdom of Frontonce and held great influence with the last several kings. When the Bloodletting began, their connection with many elvin traders put them in the crosshairs of the Order of the White Sun. For decades they worked to regain some level of trust with the Order, but when one of their ships was searched at sea they were forced to lay blame at the captain when several dozen elves were found on board. Many of their holdings and assets were seized by the church. With word of a further investigation into their alleged connection with the captain, the family fled with their remaining ships and a host of loyal sailors and their families. They sailed north and spent many months at sea avoiding blocades and avoiding pirates. They eventually found a friendly port on the southernmost island of the Wrsta Islands. There they befriended two houses, House Shvet & Rovas, that had influence but lacked backing amongst the traders of the area. Using their ships and the other families' contacts, they were able to create a shipping lane with the other islands. Fearing trouble from families of the other islands, they offered to create a triarchy between the three families to maintain order and profit.

House Shvet

House Shvet was a very influential dwarven family that made their mark in the Gloomy Sea through their skills with metal working. One of the oldest dwarven families in the Gloomy Sea, their ancestors had traveled here sometime after the Ravaging. Using their talents they were able to help with advancements with farming tools that were hard to come by in the area. This made them very wealthy and popular with local populaces. They eventually made their home in the Wrsta Islands after much talk with House Rovas, who looked to expand the few settlements in the area.

Blood of Rovas

House Rovas is one of many Kosi families that migrated away from Nog Ereud several years before the Bloodletting began. They originally made their home in the Black Hills, but after many years of living there they set out to explore the more uninhabited islands to the west. They eventually landed on what would become known as the Wrsta Islands. There they founded several small fishing villages. With the help of House Shvet, the small villages began to become important fishing & trade ports in the area.

Seats of Power

The Silver City

Originally the Silver city was a small fishing village that had no congruent name, founded by the Blood of Rovas, the village would become the seat of power for the future triarchy. Following the creation of the triarchy, the port was renamed the Silver City under vote from the port's residents. Many residents take immense pride in the city and help maintain its beauty.
Founding Date
532 BEM
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
The Triarchy
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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