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Nog's Eye

At the southern end of Nog Hhreud; where the mountains meet the Norsskia Issleas, lies the circular mountain range and valley called Nog's Eye. Within the region the mountain range is divided into four parts; the North, East, South and West. These four areas have created a natural barrier to the rest of the world. Within the mountain range where there are passes between the mountains, fortifications and walls have been constructed to defend and keep out any unfriendly nations or organizations. Each of the four exterior parts of the mountain ranges are referred as the eastern or norther eye due to the fact that large towers have been constructed at each pass that even towers over some of the surrounding mountains to act as lookouts for the area. From these towers even some mountains can be looked down on to search for intruders. Within the natural and man made barrier is a valley of fertile Redlands called Dheghom's heart. This valley has fed the Kampalans for hundreds of years and has helped them remain independent from the northern nations stranglehold on the grain trade.   

The Northern Eye

The northern stretch of the mountain range is referred to as the northern eye or lands edge. Known as lands edge due to the fact that to the Elvin tribes, this is where the lands of man and elves meet. For elves to travel north is extremely dangerous is they are not in the presence of friendly human organizations.

The Eastern Eye

The eastern part of the range is home to the tallest and most treacherous mountains. This area is also home to the Bank of Kampala. The eastern mountains have some of the most dangerous paths to traverses the area. The area is prone to rock slides and extreme weather. Vegetation is religiously managed in this area to hide the safe paths that are used by the Kampalans

The Southern Eye

The southern eye is the least defended and safest area to pass through Nog's Eye. As the area faces The Norsskia Empire, their biggest ally and trade partner, travel has been made easy to facilitate the flow of trade through the area. 

The Western Eye

The western eye faces the inland sea of "" and the few small villages and settlements that have sprouted up in this area. The western eye is home to the second largest castle of Nog's Eye.

Dheghom's heart

Within the natural and man made barrier of the mountains and walls, lies the vally of Dheghom's heart. The Kampalans believe that Dheghom blessed the valley with fertile lands and the mountains with vast riches to allow them to live in peace and prosperity as the world arounds them turns to ash.
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