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The Kampalan's have spent centuries at living at the heart of the continent of Nog Hhreud. They are believed to be one of the only tribes of elves that never migrated anywhere throughout their lives. They have made their home at the center of a mountain range that circles a fertile valley known as Nogs Eye. Over the centuries the Kampalan's have divided the mountain range into four parts; the North, East, South and West. These four areas have created a natural barrier to the rest of the world. Within the mountain range where there are passes between the mountains, fortifications and walls have been constructed to defend and keep out any unfriendly nations or organizations. The walls were built after the Kampalan's found vast amounts of gold and precious metals and gems within the mountains. With the riches that were found, the Kampalan's took advantage of the changing world and established a banking system that would spread to every corner of the world. With their new found seat of power, the Kampalan's would no longer view the other tribes of elves to be equals.


Shared customary codes and values

The Kampalan's believe themselves to be above all the other races of elves through Pangeria. Their status as bankers of the world allowed them to remain untouched by the tribes of man during the Bloodletting. Some even belied that they profited off the deaths of their fellow elves. Due to their high opinion of themselves, they often speak down on the other Elvin races and are quick to side with the races of man on many issues.

Common Dress code

One of the few goods made by Kampalan's is their clothing. All Kampalan women wear golden silk dress with gems and jewels. As for the men, their tunics are also woven out of the same golden silk as the women. Its said that in Kampalan society you can tell someones wealth by the amount of jewelry they wear. Some of the poorer families will only wear a single neckless, ring or other piece of jewelry.

Art & Architecture

Kampalan's have no true art or architecture of their own. Much of their architecture takes different aspects from other cultures. Many of their homes and buildings are built by hired builders from outside nation. Similar in the arts, many of the master pieces that hang in Kampalan homes are from other lands. Hundreds of artists live within Nog's Eye at the request and funding of different Kampalan families.

Foods & Cuisine

The Kampalan's have no unique cuisine of their own. Many cities and families hire some of the best chef's from around the world.

Common Taboos

Nothing is considered a taboo to Kampalan's. However, they believe that one should always find a way to profit and not participate in taboos. 

Historical figures

Fausto Bellomo

735 BEM - 197 EM
An explorer by the name of Fausto Bellomo heard tales of the land of the dead and grew curious of what lied in the lands unknown. For several years he searched for anyone who survived their trek to the unknown land. Bit by bit he learned that it was possible that Death made his home in the northern part of Uper Brahru. For centuries tales were told of Gods and their children that once roamed the lands. Like many he believed these tales to be only a myth. Finally he decided to see for himself. He joined a party of miners who were looking for precious metal and gems to the south of the land of the dead. Little is known exactly what happened after Fausto left the party and went north. He would return several weeks later looking as if he came face to face with death itself. While he said nothing of death he told stories of a city that was home to the dead. A city guarded by demons that tortured the dead for their crimes in life. 


Beauty Ideals

Kampalan's view anyone with a slender figure and beautiful face to be the ideal person, regardless of their demeanor. Beauty to Kampalan's is only skin deep.

Courtship Ideals

Selecting a bride is often viewed as a transaction. When a man wishes to court a women, he will offer the family a sizable dowry for her hand in marriage. For some of the most beautiful Kampalan women, this turns into a bidding war for her hand. 

Kampalan Complexion:

Kampalan skin tone vary in different pale tones. Their eye color is one of the most unique as its resembles bone. Its believed their eye color changed to adapt to the lack of light in the mountains. Their hair color is often blond with some families having white hair.   

Naming Traditions

Feminine Naming:

Alba, Carlotta, Fiorella, Leonora, Oriana, Etc.

Masculine Naming:

Agostino, Bartolo, Donatello, Franco, Marzio, Etc.

Family Names:

De Affini, De Bazzoli, De Campo, De Vitis, De Pace, Etc.

House Names:

As many Kampalan's have a family business, they will often take a House Name to distinguishes themselves from others. The house name is often used as the companies name as well.

House of the Klopnis Cita, House of the Ni Erwa, House of the Konos Tursis, Etc.
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Estimated Kampalan Population: ~2.4 Million

Kampalan's live within almost every city throughout the world. Due to their creation of the world banking system, they live anywhere where a bank has been built to guide the flow of the worlds currency.

Gods & Deities

The Kampalan's have long abandoned their faith in the gods. Their minds have been warped by the riches of the lands. Gold is now God.

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