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Nog Ereud

"Heart of the Land"

  The subcontinent of Nog Ereud lies at the south eastern end of the Norlands. It is commonly referred to as the Redlands due to the reddish color of the soil. Before the Ravaganing and the breaking of the land, Nog Ereud sat at its center, making it the heart of the land. Here is the birthplace of the mortal races. It is said this is where Ammsa poured out her heart and brought forth life to man and elves.

Tales Of The Red Soil

A Broken Land

Before the Ravaging, when the Norlands & Austral lands were one. All the mortal races lived here in peace. When the war between gods broke out the heartlands became a battleground. Tens of thousands would die and their blood flooded the lands. When Jofur and his mammoths breached Wrostor’s great hall. He fought them and shattered the land in his wake. The Sea’s of Stone would flood the broken land turning it into two.

A Fathers Tears

One of the tales told by many is that the red soil came from the tears of the Sky Father. The tale tells that thousands of years ago, an offering was made by the elves of the forest that made him weep tears of blood. These tears fell upon the land giving the lands their red color and fertility. The story varies as to what the sacrifice was of but many Proto legends say that the Elves sacrificed the souls of thousands of elves and men to gain favor from the gods. Many Elvin legends tell that the old elves of the forest gave only offerings from nature.

A Mothers Heart

Another tale tells that after centuries, Ammsa watched from the shadows as her creations suffered from sickness and famine. Seeing this made her cry and so she tore her heart from her chest and placed it within the ground. Her blood would once again flood through the land and bring life to the dying people.


Brightwood Forest

To the north lies Brightwood Forest. The forests of this region span for hundreds of miles and stretch from Southern Ford to the doorstep of the Andalashin Mountains. After the Order lost ground to the Kingdom of Frontonce many would refer to it as the Lost Forest. Many attempts have been made by the Order to reclaim the forest.

The Heartlands

The Heartlands make up a majority of the continent. It's a mixture of forests and grasslands. In the heart of the continent are some of the most fertile lands throughout the whole area.

The Northern Horn

The Northern Horn is home to grasslands and dense forests littered throughout with two massive lakes standing at its very center. Throughout the Northern Horn are sparse forests that are home to smaller animals. At the south eastern end of the Horn are the Drasto Mountains. While the region has fertile lands, an abundance of wildlife migrations end in this area and will feed on the crops.

The Southern Tail

The Southern Tail is the ancestral home of the Ossen, who have made their home along the coastline for thousands of years. Following the unification of the Proto Tribes, The Southern Tail was divided into two main regions, the Crown and the Southern Protectorate. The Southern Protectorate is made up of grasslands, forests and beautiful coastline. Several freshwater rivers run through the grasslands and empty out into the Golden Sea. Along the Golden Sea are two of the largest forests of the region, the Crown Woods & Regnis Forest. The Crown is still home to the Kingdom of Ossenia and is protected from the Order by the Northern & Southern Crown. A stretch of land that can only be reached on land by one large mountain pass.
Alternative Name(s)
Heart of the Land, The Redlands
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