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Renaith - City of Glass

Why anyone would live in that grand oven is perhaps the greatest mystery of them all.
— Anrik Steeleye, Dvergari Excavator
Dvergar is an ancient place. Far older than most of its inhabitants ever realise. But there are remnants of the ancient past. Some are tiny and almost unnoticeable. Others grand enough to challenge even the achievements of the modern age. Renaith most definitely belongs in the latter category.

Shining Beacon

You will know that you are approaching Renaith long before you see it. A colourful shimmer in the sky announces its presence to anyone within a hundred-mile radius. The closer you get, the stronger it becomes until it turns into a solid beam of light. Then you have reached the "City of Glass".   An apt name for everything, from tiny hovels to towering spires hundreds of meters high, is made from the same glass. Colour and form vary from building to building, but each is forged with the greatest care and skill. Not that the curious would have time to admire this, for the shine conceals a deadly trap.   For as chaotic as the city may seem at first glance, it is built with purpose. The sun's rays are focused and intensified, creating at noon a blinding white ocean of light that grows hotter the further one moves toward the centre. At its core, the heat is so intense that the air itself burns and even steel can melt.  

A Tempting Target

  Located at the very southern edge of the Ordini Mountains, Renaith attracted the attention of both Dvergari and Roje. Many an adventurer tried to explore the empty city only to meet a terrible fate. In time, the Dwarven Kingdom of Quirok Ordin claimed the land and created a series of fortifications around it. Since then, they have controlled any attempt to excavate whatever may still lie inside. Expeditions into Renaith are conducted every year in summer when the sun is weakest and regularly return with minor, but rather fascinating findings.
Greed? Nah, the Ordini didn't build the wall to keep Renaith to themselves. They got sick of having their youth roast themselves trying to explore that cursed place.
— Otrek Stonebrow, Ordini Lord
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Lost Tribe  
Renaith is only ever recorded as a ruin, and no information exists on who built it or why it was abandoned. The Bosh Erla has been empty for most of history, and only the Orcs who once dwelt nearest to them ever mention Renaith. They do so concerning the Medari, a tribe that once seemed to inhabit these lands before vanishing completely.   The only fact known about Renaith is that it is ancient. When the first Dwarves settled the Ordini over 9,000 years ago, they found the city already abandoned. Who could create such a city at a time when even the Dvergari were only housing in crude caves is a mystery.

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