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File 0.3C/41 - Mr. Hench Man

I am just a simple man trying to make my way in this chaotic world.
The following is an interview conducted by Agent K following the arrest of Subject 0.3C/41 on the 23rd of May 2020. Subject was captured during a raid on the central hideout of Saad ibn Zubair in former western Mauretania. 0.3C/41 surrendered voluntarily and entered Association custody unharmed.  

General Information (00:00 - 06:36)

  Pre-interview entry. Sitting interviewer: Agent K. Sitting supervisor: Major S. Sitting Ethics Committee Consultant: Mr. T. Interviewer notes: Subject is a Caucasian male in his late eighties. He appears healthy and shows no signs of stress or nervousness. If anything, he looks bored.   Before we start would you mind stating your name, age- [He interrupts me with a chuckle.]   "Sure. Sure. It's not the first time I am sitting here. But I understand. You rookies always stick to the letter of the protocol, after all. Name's Hench Man. Two words. Born 21st of June 1932 in Clear Springs, Oregon. Widower. Currently a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. And ehm that's about it."   [I am unable to keep my curiosity in check.] Is your name really "Hench Man"? [He laughs in response.]   "Hard to believe, I know. But no, it isn't any moniker or bad attempt at a pun. My parents really decided that Hench was the perfect first name for someone from the Man family." [He chuckles again.] "I just consider it a bit of cosmic irony. Not often that you have a name fitting the occupation these days."  

Further Questioning (06:40 - 45:27)

  Do you know why you are currently in Association custody? [He holds up his hand and starts to count with his fingers.]   Aiding and abetting a C-Class villain. Involvement in the overthrow of a democratically elected government. Involvement in the attempted establishment of an Islamic Caliphate through conquest. Organising a network of illegal arms traders. Involvement in several dozen cases of kidnapping. And of course, all the old charges you will now list. Should be a bit shorter than last time as some have lapsed."   [As dictated by protocol, I read the full list of charges against Mr. Hench out to him. He merely nods along, occasionally smiling or frowning at some of the listings. By the time I finish, the clock reads 14:32.]   Do you deny any of these charges brought against you? [He shakes his head.]   "Nope. Won't deny a single one. Not really at a point where I'd deny my own life's work."   [I proceed to the next part of the interview.] How did you come into this profession?  
by CSR
[He raises an eyebrow in response.] "That one is new. Didn't have that question last time I was here." [He scratches his chest and flicks a bit of dust from his cross.] "Why I started...Why does anyone start a job?   Money mostly. It was back in '46. The economy was in the gutter, and dad on the blacklist 'cause he had supported the Parebs during the Civil War. Saw Dr. Ridekker's job offering, and that was that."   Were you aware of Dr. Ridekker's reputation when you started? [He snorts in derision.]   "Course I was. Everyone heard the stories. How he was everything from a child diddler to an immortal sorcerer. Didn't care. The pay was good. And Ridekker was nowhere near as bad as anyone said he was."   How so? [He turns silent for a bit. His eyes seem focused somewhere far away.]   "He was a little crazy, I admit. But not in the bad kind of way. At the end of the day, he was a lonely old man with...questionable boundaries regarding atomic weapons research. Then again, the Feds didn't hesitate much when they tested their nuke on Pitsburg, did they?" [He shakes his head in mock laughter.]   "As for what I did for him...just mundane things, really. I helped keep his things in order, cleaned the facilities, stole a few things, you know henchman stuff. Mostly though I think I was a way for him to keep sane. He bounced ideas off me, sometimes a genius thinks too complicated, or we'd just talk."   Following Dr. Augustus Ridekker's death in 1960, you continued to work as a henchman. Why?   [His look says clearly what he thinks of that question.] "Why not? I was almost thirty, had no higher education, learned no trade...But I did have over a decade of experience working for the most sought-after criminal of the 50s. That opened a lot of doors."  
In total, you have worked for 21 villains since.

"Yep. All across the line from lowly D-Class all the way up to SS-Class. Colourful bunch. [He laughs slightly.] You know people really have the wrong image of them. They aren't all world-conquering egomaniacs or genocidal monsters. Whole bunch of them belong in the category of "needed a few more hugs as a child". Others were beyond any therapy." [He touches his cross.] "I think that is why some of them hired me. Because they knew that I would question them. Try and make them think twice before...even villains have lines they don't want to cross. That is all I am gonna say."
What about the damage you helped cause?

[He scoffs and for the first time looks genuinely annoyed.] "Tell me something. Do you ask a guy working on a tank assembly line that question? How about the guys that helped make the bomb? I did my job. Helped build doomsday lasers and create armies of clone warriors. Helped coup governments. Destroyed lives. No different from a soldier or bureaucrat. But those guys don't work for the "villains" most of the time." [He chuckles to himself.] "Half the problems you guys have would go away if you treated those friends of yours the same way you treat us."
It doesn't matter if he has a funny name. Do not underestimate him.
— Dr. Mackenzie, R&D

Closing Part (48:33 - 59:55)

  [We sit in silence for a bit. Despite protocol dictating that I continue, Major S. has ordered me to pause. Subject has clearly worked himself up and may need time to calm down.]   "I don't fully get why I just continued on the way I did. Part of it may be that I realized early that I was never going to be a bigshot, you know? Always just one of many. Never the face, always the hand...Hard realization to come to. We all want to be the big guy..." [He frowns and shakes his head.]   "In some cases, I genuinely wanted to help the people- yes people! You heard me! [He rises and points a finger at me. Despite knowing that half a dozen K-Class weapons are pointed at him, I feel nervous.] People. If you'd actually treat them as such, you would probably get half the guys out there to surrender."   "Here I am throwing around big words." [With a sigh, he slumps back down in his chair.] "I am not blind to what causes I have aided in the past. There are memories that keep even me awake at night. I just don't think I have any satisfactory answer for you as to the why." [He smiles. It is a melancholic sight.] "It really is like my father said when the Feds came to imprison him: I was just doing my job."   Subject did not speak after this point. Interview was concluded at 8:29:55 AM EST. Subject did not resist transport to the Temporal Detention Facility (TDF).
You want to threaten him? That guy flat-out defied Varathon the Destroyer to his face and walked away unharmed! We have to convince him another way.
— Recorded conversation between criminals Connie and Lyde
Current Status
Imprisoned in Facility 9 (Zeringer Cube)   Date of Birth
21.06.1932   Place of Birth
Clear Springs, Oregon   Country of Origin
Pacific States of America   Alter Type
Type 0   Threat Level
None   Affiliation/s
Dr. Augustus Ridekker (1946-1960)
Hyperion (1983-1990)
Director Amanda Keither (2005-2014)
Agent Briefing on Subject 0.3C/41  
Subject 0.3C/41, real name Hench Man, is an almost 90-year old caucasian male from the western United States. He is classified as a Type 0, showing no signs of Alteration, artificial or otherwise. He is a regular feature in the criminal underground and will usually be found as the main henchman of various villains.   While C41 has no methods of defense except basic firearms training, he is a highly experienced individual that has worked under 21 villains ranging from D-Class to SS-Class and fought heroes and agents of matching rank.   Additionally, he usually enjoys the trust of his employee, meaning that he will be put in charge of various military resources. While not seen as a major threat during engagements, C41 should not be underestimated.
    Family Life   How did you handle building a family considering your "occupation"?  
[Subject chuckles.] "Ain't easy that's for sure." [He pulls an old photo from his shirt.] "But it was worth it. Two bright boys, a cute little girl and a wonderful wife. I'd say that's an achievment in its own right. None of them took up the family business though." [He chuckles.]   "They all have families of their own now. I try and keep in contact with them as often as I can, but it ain't easy. Being there and keeping my job away, you know?"   "I met Maria while in Greece. Wonderful woman. Stuck with me through everything. The hunts, frequent couldn't ask for someone better..." [He looks down upon the cross he is wearing.] "She even convinced me to join the Church. Probably gave her some peace to know that I had a way to redeem myself. In some way...I hope that to."

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