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Mon, Mar 14th 2022 09:28
Where we can talk about feature suggestions.

General Ergonomics Update

Tue, Mar 15th 2022 07:44
What functionality is missing? What is unsatisfying with the current situation?:
  As a big fan of World Anvil, I have suggested the tool to many a soul over my three years as a user. More often than not, I find these potential anvilites turned away by the complexity of the platform. I hear things such as "it's too complicated" and "I can't figure out how to do anything".
  This is a very broad issue, so possible solutions will vary. My current idea is to have some kind of tips system that points out some key features when you first make your account, dimming the rest of the screen and illuminating the dashboard button. This could offer info on all of the key features and then direct the user to how to access the documentation (as it isn't very intuitive). There also should be an easy way to go through the tutorial again, just in case they forgot.
  I'm sure other people might have other ideas, and feel free to share them on the World Anvil discussion board below.