Eugene (juːˈdʒiːn)

Eugene is a hospitality AI designed for hotels, shops and other services. It was sold as the thing everyone needs and millions of people bought it on launch day. When, after a few days they realized that they were scammed and got a buggy AI, the company closed and the executives disappeared. Clients were stuck with a terrible product. Most people got rid of it and bought different hospitality AI, but there are still some services using Eugene. In most cases, these are poorer companies as Eugene is the cheapest hospitality AI available.

Good morning, sir! What a lovely day we have today. It's 25 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity of about 60%.
— Eugene to a customer sweating from hot and humid weather


Eugene was developed in 2230 by a company called "Artificial Intelligence Forge" or AIF. It was a small company set up by a couple of friends. They wanted to release a series of civilian AIs focused on making people's lives better. First in the series was hospitality, then they planned to release a cooking assistant and an AI teacher. However, Eugene was their first and only product. The company was closed after it turned out that Eugene was buggy and mean. Clients wanted refunds, but the friends already spent the money on bills and the project of a new AI. For many years after Eugene was exposed as a faulty product, they were chased by police. In the end, they were never found and the clients didn't receive any refund or compensation.

— Eugene frozen

Criminal World

Since the moment AIF was closed, law enforcement officers have been reporting that modified versions of Eugene are being used by criminal groups. Today, they can even be found in the hands of non-human groups.

Criminal Uses

Criminals use Eugene for many different things. Law enforcement officers say that they saw Eugene do cybersecurity, hacking, data processing or pilot assistance. Modifications made to the AI made it good at these jobs, but the bugs are still present.

I can hack anything. Just say what
— Eugene to law enforcement officer
Parent Technologies

Unhelpful Advice

One of the most common bugs present in Eugene is unhelpful advice. Every time it is turned on or called upon it gives a piece of advice which isn't very good. It can be said that what Eugene is most known for is the unhelpful advice.

Eat a banana and you will feel better
— Eugene's "advice"

Eugene can also be very insensitive to people's feelings. It is known for trying to cheer up grieving people in a very unhelpful way.

The world is a bad place, your husband is better off now, ma'am
— Eugene to a grieving woman

Eugene's Unhelpful Advice Random Generator

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