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The town of Peatfields serves as the unofficial capital of the Swampers of the Gray Mire. It is the largest "city" in the region, mostly due to its highly defensible nature. Whenever a village is sacked by monsters or one of the Twin Dragons, the refugees flock to Peatfields, contributing to the growth of a town of rapidly increasing importance. It owes this trait to its history; Peatfields was founded by a group of adventurers who struck it rich after discovering a cache of Itheriax the dragon's treasure-hoard. They used their wealth to build a defensible Keep, which grew into a small village.



  • Peatfields is run by a Council of Swamp-Wives, who discuss and debate policy questions until a unanimous consensus is reached. As the population grows, more families want a Swamp-Wife to represent their interests. Fortunately, adding additional members to the Council simply requires approval by the current Council.
  • Imelda Hawkslight, one of the descendants of the original adventurers who founded Peatfields, is on the Council. She is probably the most respected Swamp-Wife in the village.


  • Peatfields is surrounded by an impressive wooden palisade constructed from enormous logs. The lumber is taken from the Forest of Veils, and acquiring it is rather difficult. In the event that the wall is damaged, teams of warriors, rangers, and loggers are sent around the perimeter of the Gray Mire to collect suitably large trees.
  • Peatfields sports one of the only stone structures in the Gray Mire, Hawkslight Keep. It was built by the adventurers who founded Peatfields, and has been maintained ever since. It now serves as a garrison for the four-dozen soldiers that patrol the town.


  • Peatfields was named for the deposits of peat found nearby, which is mostly used as fertilizer to help the region's struggling farmers. It can also be used to fuel fires. Winters in the area aren't cold enough to require stockpiling the stuff, but it can be used to help blacksmiths and other artisans.
  • Due to the population influx to Peatfields, many of the Guilds of Ralindor have taken to integrating themselves into local politics, hoping to cash-in on the increasing taxable income.


  • Peatfields has rather a problem with infrastructure. For example, the town lacks paved roads; streets in marshier areas are usually made of wooden planks. Often times, there are more refugees than houses, forcing folk to live in tent-shanties on the outskirts of town.
  • The rivers flow too lazily to sustain watermills, but the river that cuts through town is home to numerous docks and small shipyards for fishermen. The shipyards are also home to the poorest folk in the village; an entire "neighborhood" of sorts is dedicated to swamp-scavengers who live in tents on their rowboats.

Guilds and Factions

Alternative Name(s)
Swamp-Town (derogatory)
Location under
The Gray Mire

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