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The Red Banner

Lawful Neutral Military Organization

Following the Elveswar, in the early half of the Age of Man, the knights, nobles, and soldiers who had won the war were resolved thus: the Red Banner would be formed to defend the kingdoms of men for all time. They had learned from the mistakes of the elves, and would not be a hungry empire. Instead, in times of war, the newly freed would be able to rally into a single army. Since then, the Red Banner has trained soldiers and diplomats to keep the peace throughout the Free Kingdoms.


  • Soldiers make up the rank-and-file of the Banner, but they are more than peasant militiamen. These well-trained professional mercenaries are led by Knights of the Banner, who are usually of noble title.
  • Other nobles, especially retired Knights, serve as ambassadors and Councilors who lead the Banner's administrative affairs.
  • The Red Council is composed of knights and ambassadors of wisdom and renown that handle the Banner's administrative affairs.

Public Agenda

  • The Banner's primary goal is to ensure security and solidarity between the noble families and city-states found in the Heartlands. It was only by rallying under a single flag that the armies of men could defeat the Alphosian Empire, so the Red Banner encourages peaceful communication and connections across kingdoms.
  • They send troops to bolster local defenses, negotiate trade deals, and uphold law and order in places where they are contentious commodities.
  • The Council that rules it is adamant about giving individual noble families the right to rule over their lands, but for those who don't, the Banner rarely offers a hand when things go wrong.


  • The Red Banner can raise an army of unrivaled numbers, should war arise. Their soldiers are some of the most well-trained and best-equipped warriors in the Free Kingdoms.
  • Agents of the Banner are just as comfortable in the noble court as they are on the battlefield. The Banner tries to use diplomats, spies, and keen negotiators more than warriors, especially during times of peace.
  • Likewise, merchants affiliated with the organization -- not to be underestimated -- can create new alliances, strengthen existing ones, and provide useful bargaining chips to the Council.


The Red Banner was the name given to the armies of Men, Dwarfs, Halflings, and Orcs that fought during the Elveswar. Since then, the Banner has proven a powerful political force in the Heartlands, governed by the noble descendants of the original warriors.

"Ride the Thunder, Quell the Storm"

Founding Date
Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
The Banner
The Heartlands
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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