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The Gray Mire

The Realm of Twin-Dragons

The Gray Mire is one of the most inhospitable, foul places in all of the Free Kingdoms, tucked away into the southeast corner of the Heartlands, and directly bordering the Forest of Veils. Its only precious resource is danger: two dragons, Shaergrys and Itheriax have contested over the Mire for years.   Lay of the Land
  • Swamp of Sorrows: Thick mud, twisting trees, and foul slime make traversing the Mire unpleasant and unsettling.
  • The Realm of Twin Dragons: Two dragons, Shaergrys and Itheriax have contested over the mire for years. Their hatred is palpable, and their minions are everywhere.
  • Swampers: Human fishermen and trappers live on the outskirts of the Mire. They’re known as "Swampers" to the outside world, and are insular and rustic.
Dangers to Dare
  • Itheriax the Black: The mighty dragon has not been seen in years, leaving many to wonder if he has died, but others think he still lurks somewhere in the deepest parts of the swamp, preparing for the next stage in some evil master-plan.
  • Swamp-Monstrosities: Giant botflies, murder-frogs, bloated undead, and all manner of horrors dwell in the forbidden Mire.
  • The Great Marsh-War: The swamp is home to both lizard-men and bullywugs, who battle over territory constantly. Brave humans maintain some contact and trade with the more peaceful groups of lizard-men, but others serve one of the Twin Dragons. As for the bullywugs, the loathsome toad-men have been driven to the edges of the swamp by the fighting, feuding with Swampers over precious resources.
Folk & Friendship
  • Peatfields: The 'capital' of the Gray Mire is a small, walled town that represents the closest thing to urbanity in the region. Its people are more tolerant of outsiders than other Swampers.
  • Shaergrys: The younger of the Twin Dragons isn’t exactly a friend, but she is a social creature, and fancies herself a keen bargainer. It is rumored her and her agents keep in contact with some of Ralindor's Guild-Masters .
  • The Swamp-Wives: Due to the status of men as roving hunters and gatherers, women around the Gray Mire serve as everything from skilled craftsmen to religious leaders, even law-enforcement. They are constantly seeking ways to protect their people and stem the tide of the Mire’s many dangers.
Dungeons to Delve
  • Temple of the Frog: In better times, the bullywugs maintained a great stone temple adorned with statues of enormous toads, with great emeralds set into their eyes – although they did not build it…
  • Itheriax's Many Lairs: The cunning black dragon split his vast treasure hoard amid several locations in the Mire. Some contain treasures, others are traps meant to dispose of would-be thieves, and all are extremely dangerous.
Alternative Name(s)
The Mire
Wetland / Swamp
Location under
The Heartlands
Included Locations
Itheriax the Black

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