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War Dish

Cooked Conflict

Written by Endrise

You wonder why you sometimes find wild carrots or potatoes growing around these parts? Apparently they're planted by people around here to feed the soldiers, just so they don't steal their crops.
— Mercenary Fighter

War brings an appetite, but to survive equipment must be light. As such, over the years people have found ways to solve this issue. And with it came the creation of the war dish recipe.

Named after the soldiers that prepare it, the dish is a grab-bag of ingredients turned into a dish. In the end, it all comes down to how you prepare it.


Most war dishes are considered a type of stew: some vegetables and meat, thrown together to cook and then served. Some salt or spices get added for flavour, but often it's served plain instead.

The recipe varies from place to place, ranging from hunted meat to fish to even all vegetables. In some armies rations exist to prepare war dishes that provide the nutrients needed for soldiers.

Cooking Methods

There are many ways to cook a war dish, but the reoccurring element is the usage of a soldier's equipment. Designed to lighten the load of any travelling recruit, it is crude but efficient way of preparing one's meals.

Such techniques involve things like:

  • Shields used to cook food on;
  • Helmets used for boiling vegetables;
  • Swords and daggers used for cutting meats;
  • Spears and lances to pierce chunks on to hang over an open fire

Like the ingredients, the cooking methods differ on the loadout of the region's soldier. The only rule that's consistent is that a war dish must be prepared on a soldier's equipment.

The Reception of the War Dish

Everyone says it's unclean to cut with a stained sword, but I think it helps give some flavour to the meat.
— Retired soldier turned chef

As a cultural stable for many people going to war, it has gained popularity over the years. Both soldiers and adventurers alike use the dish to ease up on cooking utensils during travels. Some recipes are even shared amongst both to help spice up their diets.

Certain blacksmiths have also designed specific weaponry made for both combat and cooking. From shields with compartments to spears that can break down into knives and forks.

Even in regular life has the dish found its way into restaurants or regular dining. Some taverns like to cook and serve big meals on large shields, if not pierced on the end of a lance. Nobles might even use more exotic ingredients and have it served in an elaborate shield.

  • Potatoes
  • Roots
  • Wild Meats
  • Mushrooms
  • Etc.
Also Known As
Shield Dish
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Common amongst explorers and soldiers

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