The evergreen Hollow Dominion

Hollow Dominion



Although Quythomul Umregakta (Forth Kingdom) was nothing more than a paper gea (giant) of its times, the failing of the Ochèvairra dynasties and the Amarídeus Crown set the final nail in the coffin of a long-standing Chavic Greatness. As the Red Royals of the Order Morhím bickered and spat amongst themselves in the Deirkoniei, the Reiaule Dergon territory fell in disarray. As for Walcea Raurai of the north and its colonies, unprotected by the Amarídeus Crown. Is it no wonder those lands were set upon by the Dhakons, falling into Dhiamhae hands?
  Pitiful, what majesty lay in this last seed of the Chavic lineage?

The Great Collapse

"And, with their deaths, the black throne sat empty, a withered husk wrenched open. Its gilded blood spilled upon the earth.   It was that relic, the throne, upon which Achébheiron held power.   The man who answered its call would hold all of Alei Taran Omarri in the palm of his hand. And so, it crowned, all of the Isthorna's children swelling in their lust for blood and sovereignty. For there was a dark void left by the Chavs. Restless, beckoning for a new king to sit upon the vaunted black throne of Achébheiron.   And there would be many.   For centuries, Alei Taran Omarri would see countless white kings fling themselves into the wretched abyss to seek out their so-called birthright, the Chaveìa former glory. As the lands burned and the heart of the Chaveìa sank further into the abyss...."   -Quythomul Chaveìa

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