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Silent Land of Men

Zondin Gâm'jr Omařchaîd

Any can tell you that the distinctive marks of Land of Semblance's southern reaches are the highs, the sands, the steppe, and the groves therein. While most of the North is a serene wonderland of timber. The scars of history ring true in this place, where sweltering winds howl and scream of fallen empires. Sweet scarlet meadows twist and mar at the senses, while shadowy sands tug forth at one's soul. This is the Zondin Gâm'jr Omařchaîd, "Silent Land of Men," Isyalas Asrîlean's vaunted South, home to Ťanyoch Dergon, Derq'ond Îayr, and Cea Marecâs.


The Northwest to the Upper Heartlands: Cea Marecâs

It's a harrowing expanse, like a deep blue ocean. Its innermost depths tainted black as if by the blood of Bhayúrnde. A place of fine somber sand, where the dunes are without end and the winds scream of death. Dizzying daylight bites at the mind and dries the skin, while harrowing twilight swallows all warmth and muddles the senses. That is the "Twisted Black Sea, " Cea Marecâs.

The East: Derq'ond Îayr

To the east, in Derq'ond Îayr, sits the rosy red grasses of Derq'oniei, "the Steppe of Derq'oniei." Sweeping plains of treeless grasslands, risen up from blackened soil. Whispers of immense power hidden beneath. A sea of crimson, reaching out towards the ocean. The land, painted off by a rocky coast battered by ferocious waves of ashen blues.

The Southwest: Ťanyoch Dergon

To the west, in Ťanyoch Dergon, there lies the Cerpeska Highlands. Immense beaches of midnight blue, cradled by numerous isles of varying sizes, come inward. And the flat land grasses of the east rises. The terrain morphs, torn apart as the green hills puncture the land, and birth a bewitching rhythm.

Fauna & Flora

Gea Balvatii Brunaa: Giants of the Balvatii Brunaa
The Gea balvatii brunaa, or "Gea Bal," as known by the locals, are beasts of hulking size. Giants, two times larger than your average man. The bone-chilling howls that ring throughout the gloom would make any man tremble long before meeting the anger and ferocity carried in their bloodied-amber eyes.


  • Alei Taran Omarri
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