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Courage Stone

During his accidental fifty-year exile, Rastus, The Explorer, traveled much of The Boreal Forest that the Gnomes call home.   On a clear and magical night, the intrepid Rastus found himself ascending farther up the mountainside than he had ever ventured before. He had a clear view of the dark skies. Rastus felt closer to the The Cosmos in a profound and spiritual way.   Late into the night, by the pale moon's light, Rastus painted the mountain landscape onto a small rock from the summit.  
"I will be fine. I can handle this. This is alright.
Rastus as he clutches his courage stone during a particularly dire moment.

Good Luck Charm

  Many gnomes carry little items in their pockets for luck, courage or reminders. This particular little souvenir reminds Rastus that he has travelled far and endured many hardships. It gives him the courage and confidence to face the wide world.   Whenever he is anxious or frightened, his hand invariable reaches into his pocket to clutch at the little talisman. It seems to bring him luck and comfort, especially when reliving more traumatic events such as the Dread Owl attack he survived.

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