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White eye

Unfortunate, but at least I don't have Hightmind
— Veniran realising his condition.


To observers the symptom is that the eye, including iris and pupil turn bone white over a few weeks.

The the one who has the condition it will take about two weeks before the darkening vision becomes noticeable enough to seek medical attention, at which point it is often already too late to treat.

As the eye goes white the vision of the inflicted goes dark until they are completely blind. There are no other symptoms.


There is no good way to treat the condition, but there are many treatments with dubious claims.

These treatments usually involve either shining light into the eye or abstaining from light in certain patterns, but others claim that one needs certain types of ointments or spices to be applied to the eye.


There are no conclusive ways to prevent this condition, but there are a few treatments with dubious results.

As with the treatments, the ways to prevent the condition are as numerous as they are without proof. Most of the preventions claim that White Eye happens because a lack of light and one needs to look towards the sun at noon, which has caused some documented deaths in Karra.


The first case of this disease was noted just after the War of Misunderstanding, causing some to believe that it was related to that, but there has been no conclusive evidence for it.

Since then White Eye has affected about 1 in 100 elderly Venirans.

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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