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Sunshine and a Firesten and you have the best combination for getting lost in thought.
— Merchant


Material Characteristics

Looking into firesten with a light shining on it is like looking into an iridescent sunset or fire. The colour shimmers when the gem or light is moved with the majority being in the red with orange highlights.

Some rare stones are more in the orange-yellow range. These are sometimes called "sunsten", but they are also smaller than ordinary firesten.

The size ranges from about the size of a large grain of sand to the size of the fruit of the Helica.

Geology & Geography

While it is possible to find small deposits in many places in the mountain range of Halalan, there are only three known larger mines, two of which are located on Hala.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Due to the lack of any useful properties for practical applications and thanks to the wonderful colours firesten is used in jewellery of all kinds, be it rings, necklaces or anything else.


Raw firesten already shimmers, but in order to get the lustre the gems are sanded or cut and then polished.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

The dust that is created by sanding and polishing is one of the brightest reds and oranges that can be found. So it is used as pigment in high quality paint.

Sunsten dust is also used in this manner, but due to the rarity of these, the gems are kept as large as possible, which reduces the amount of dust available even further, making sunsten paint exorbitantly expensive to the point where one can trade in powerful conduits for it.

High to exorbitant
Red, with orange-yellow highlights
Common State

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