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While there are some downsides, they are impossible to replicate.
— Trader

Antealls are small metal balls that are used by the Venira - and as an extension Xalnans - as currency.

They are used for most everyday transactions, but it is not uncommon to trade two goods directly. For large transactions the bulk and weight of the Anteall becomes unwieldy. There are some institutions in the larger cities to make such transactions simpler by taking in Antealls and handing out IOU's which can be exchanged for the Antealls again.


While the anteall are common, they cannot be replicated with contemporary manufacturing methods. This means that the only way to introduce more into the economy is by finding them, which rarely happens. This makes them a prime contender for a stable currency.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
5 mm diametre sphere
Raw materials & Components

These small balls are made out of some kind of metal which is extremely hard and durable. They do not rust and cannot be melted down.

Because of these properties they are believed to be a leftover from the Antediluvian, similar to Conduits.

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