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Virsen Phrases

The Virsens are people that live in Northern Ostari. They tend to eb adventurous and willing to take risks. Directness and independence are also favoured traits but there are limits to how direct and independent a person is supposed to be. When talking to an elder or a superior it's expected that the person will be treated with some respect even if the other person still makes their own opinions clear. Many Virsen phrases have made their way to Awari but few Awarin phrases have made it to Virse.

  • Dirure's leading them--someone has a tendency to wander off or care more about the journey than the destination
  • Dirure's payment--when someone is payed much less than expected, usually at their request
  • a Dirure election--when someone is placed in the position of leadership despite not wanting it
  • leave a stone/carve a stone--leave some mark of yourself on a place or object, its also used as a general phrase for making a mark on the world, this phrase references Dirure Stones
  • an Ivu sovereignty--a short lived venture, something that was doomed for failure from the start, named after a short lived sovereignty on Virse that was succeeded by the Duvi sovereignty
  • their stomach is evil--a person is dying or is almost certain to die, usually from Wicked Stomach but considering how synonymous with death Wicked Stomach has become, the phrase has expanded to cover any cause
  • Sovereign Zinnayas's errand runners--merchants, sailors, and other people who pass through Virse on ships named after the widespread worship of Sovereign Zinnayas among these people as well as how little time they tend to spend in Virse, often shortened to the sovereign's errand runners or simply errand runners
  • restless as an errand runner--many people don't stop for long in Virse being much more interested in the wares of Kohri and more hospitable climates thus the phrase. In addition to describing restless people the phrase is also used for those that travel a lot
  • protective as Erah--references Erah an archeladrin quasi-deity who's known for promoting the ideal of protecting others especially innocents
  • wandering with Vadal--someone has undergone or is undergoing an important spiritual event, it is also used to refer to people that the speaker considers spiritually or morally lost, is often used for those that have been exiled
  • they found the frozen lake--someone has had a great spiritual realization or has become much more religious than they were, it can also be used as a phrase to describe someone finding something very important to them
  • they're sworn to Voas--a person is incredibly lucky or their opponents are incredibly unlucky, Voas is the deity of luck who is especially popular on Virse
  • I said my prayers to Voas--a person did all that they could and now is just hoping that it was enough or that a miracle will happen, it can also be used as an expression of humility from someone who's either very lucky, very skilled, or both

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16 Jan, 2021 12:33

I like how a lot of the idioms reference other in-world things - that's always fun. I like 'their stomach is evil' the best.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
18 Jan, 2021 22:59

This one was really fun to write and figure out what expressions different things would create.

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