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DesCha is an island nation located several hundred kilometres southeast of Japan. The nation's name is a shorting of the Destiny Charter, the original founding document of the country when it declared independence from Japan.  

Administrative Divisions

  DesCha is divided into 5 primary administrative regions: North, South, West, East, and Central) and one territory (the Ogasawara Chain) which are further divided into prefectures. These prefectures are then divided into cities, towns and villages.  


  DesCha's population is estimated at around 15 million, with 96% of the population living in the large mass that forms the bulk of the nation. DesChan society is unusually heterogenous, composed of 44% ethnic Caucasians, 42% ethnic Japanese, and various minor ethnicities.  


  Association football is DesCha's national sport. The game is represented from several divisions at the professional level all the way down to mixed-gender and sunday league clubs at the amateur and semi-professional level. The highest tier of competition (HiPRO) is a brutally competitive league with only eight slots, of which the bottom three are always at risk of relegation. Almost all major cities are represented by the top three divisions of the sport, with 52 teams located throughout DesCha. The DesChan national team competes in Oceania, although steps are being taken to allow them to compete in Asia instead.

Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
DesCha uses the DesChan Dollar as the main form of currency, although the nation still openly accepts both the Japanese Yen and the US Dollar as currency nearly everywhere.

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