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Senta University

Senta University is an educational institution located in Bellamy, University Prefecture, DesCha West. Founded in 1949, Senta is one of the Big Three (along with Momoyuri University and Miuradai University) and is well known for its caliber of education and technological achievement.   While Senta's primary campus is still located in Bellamy (occupying half the city), they have set up satellite campuses in other regions in order to increase collegiate attendance. Campuses have been set up in Bera, Sull Southport and Saiga.   The Bellamy Campus is a massive complex, involving several dozen buildings, multiple dorms for boarding students, and feeder institutions for various companies. The city of Bellamy has grown significantly due to Senta's presence.  

Budget and fundraising

  Senta's budget comes from multiple sources - a small part of its costs (less than 10%) are provided by the government, while the vast majority of its funding is private. Senta does not publicly disclose its list of its beneficiaries, but will allow corporate sponsorship of its programs from time to time.  


  Senta's primary and secondary education facilities are considered to be some of the best in the country. Admission to primary and secondary school at Senta is not difficult; more than 70% of applicants are admitted. Admission to tertiary education from a different institution is far more difficult (less than 40% of applicants are admitted) although applying for admission direct from Senta High School almost guarantees approval (higher than 90% are admitted).  

Student life

Senta Students Team Up
  Student life at Senta is very rich; there is a prevailing culture of progressive thinking and technical excellence in place, and students are encouraged to join a club, or find other students of similar interests.   Primary and Secondary students at Senta are given free lunches and their own tablet computer to study with, as well as online access to the school's library.   Tertiary students at Senta are given smart cards, which is used instead of currency in the University, as well as a laptop (among other privileges). Students staying at dorms have managed care, and have access to a dedicated help line in case of emergency. Almost all university facilities (including the local grocery) are available online, and Bellamy Hospital is located entirely within Senta's grounds.  

School Wars

  Every three or so years, students are encouraged to participate in the [[School Wars]], a friendly conflict between the Big Three. In previous School Wars the conflict has escalated to the point that it has endangered public safety (up to and including threat of thermonuclear annihilation) and DEIMOS agents had to be called in to quell the hostilities.  

Clubs and Associations

  Senta has numerous clubs at all levels, from art groups to philosophy clubs, to fan clubs for various interests.   The oldest association in Senta is the RG Research Association, which is devoted to technological research.  


  Senta has numerous athletics clubs and varsity teams, including the Squids (Basketball), the Leopards (Rugby), the Speedcycles (Cycling), S. Western FC (Association Football), the Shrikes (American football), and the Sharks (Swimming).   Senta is the primary sponsor for the professional football team Senta FC, after which it named. The club maintains ties with the university, and several alumni have gone on to play professionally for Senta FC.  


  Senta has had a longstanding rivalry with fellow Big Three member Momoyuri University. Alumni from both schools are fiercely proud of their alma mater, and the rivalry can sometimes extend to the corporate world, with more affluent alumni giving massive grants to their former school.  

Notable Alumni

  * Rika Shiroi-Miyamuri


Senta's administrative faculty is composed of its Board of Trustees. The Chairman of the Board presides over the Trustees and is responsible for the overall wellbeing of Senta University. The faculties are managed by their own administrative staff, each led by a Faculty Chairman, who in turns answers to the Board of Trustees.

Founding Date
Educational, University

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