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The Gasloids - Tridynauts and Magmobes

Homeworld and Physiology

Gasloids are a species comprised of a collection of sentient silicon-based gas, they live on a small selection of planets in a region of the Federated Territories of Vash. These planets are known to the greater population of the area but have never been visited by a non-Gasloid as they are planets of extremely high pressures and temperatures, that would easily melt and/or crush a carbon-based life form of non-gaseous form.   The Gasloids while on their planet they live as a linked collective, their forms intermingling with each other with ease and commonly sharing thoughts. Most Gasloids enjoy this existence and live long, almost eternal lives as their gas forms cycle through the atmosphere and each other rejuvenating them and their properties constantly. Due to their shared collective consciousness while on their homeworld, most Gasloids do not have names and can identify each other without the need for identification.   However, because of this unique bodily operation, the Gasloid is unable to survive outside of its home system or away from a silicon gas-filled planet for very long. They require a constant refuelling of silicon gas to refresh their forms and to stay sentient and mindful. Also, their home planets do not experience much wind, so if a Gasloid were to land on a planet without their sustainment suits, their forms being untethered, would be subject to great danger and a strong gust of wind could disperse their particles and scatter them to a rather hideous end.

Tridynauts and Magmobes

There are two subspecies that comprise the entire Gasloid species, the Tridynauts and the Magmobes. They share the same silicon-based structures, curiosity, and wanderlust but vary in some small variations;


The Tridynauts are the calmer of the two subspecies, not necessarily in attitude or demeanour but in actual gaseous form.   The Tridynaut's gaseous structure is more loosely woven on a microscopic level, and unlike their Magmobe brethren can almost completely unravel themselves and shift their forms in various shapes and thicknesses. Granting the Tridynauts two very interesting abilities.   The first is the ability to shape part or all of their forms in various semi-solid tools which can be physically used even outside of their suits. Giving them a versatility that is quite unknown to other species.   The second ability is a clever cloaking form that Tridynaut is able to activate. Stretching itself so thin that its form becomes practically invisible to the naked eyes of most carbon life forms.


The Magmobes' gaseous form mimics that of their homeworld, in that its temperatures can reach insane heights.   Touching or inhaling a Magmobes gas would be a tortuous experience, but likely only for a few brief moments as it rips through your organic material burning it away in a fierce frenzy of intense heat. Though the Magmobes try not to conduct themselves in such a way as to willingly allow another sentient being to inhale their form. It is considered rude to allow oneself to be inhaled without consent.   However, in small bursts of controlled expression, the Magmobes can use small bits of themselves to burn away at certain metals or flammable materials if need be. In fact, some Magmobes are hired as smelters and/or welders as their own bodies are efficient and renewable if they are abused for long stretches of time.

The home system of the Gasloids, carbon-based lifeforms cannot survive on any of their planets

Wanderlust and Mischievous Curiosity

The Gasloids are extremely curious, which oftentimes leads them into awkward situations that may be viewed as devious or mischievous. They have extreme wanderlust and don’t stay still for long, preferring to wander to new places and systems instead of settling down. They prefer to jump from system to system exploring as many new planets and stations they can reach, often taking passage on the ships of traders and adventurers. The Gasloids especially love the expanding and ever-changing corridors of the Variance, which offers a seemingly unending amount of exploration opportunities.   Gasloids that have decided to separate themselves from their homeworld collective and leave their system often choose their own names which often match their curious behaviour. For example, the unintentionally famous Gasloid Space Cowboy named themselves Ambiance Cordell simply because those two words sounded nice together.   The Gasloid's sustainment suits were clearly not originally made by their own hands, as on their own planet they do not have the ability to receive or craft any carbon-based material. So, originally, after some confusion and difficulty in communicating the specs they required, the original wandering Gasloids commissioned the first dozen or so suits from a craftsman from a nearby sector within the Federated Territories of Vash. After the suits were received, and a ship was attained the first Gasloids to ever leave their planet departed.   After several years word of their travels reached their homeworlds and other Tridynauts and Magmobes began to develop their own curiosity and wanderlust. These Gasloids commissioned the original dozen to create new suits for them, which they gladly did.   Now more Gasloids than ever travel the Delta Space, curiously experiencing the galaxy with a sometimes mischievous nature that often gets them into trouble. Though they do not intend harm typically, they are unaware of many taboos and often unintentionally cross lines they do not understand.
A rather unique sentient species that is formed completely of sentient silicon gas, their home plant is located in the Federated Territories of Vash. Most still reside their, but many have developed a strong curiosity and an extreme wanderlust. This need to explore away from their homeworlds has inspired them to develop and inhabit bipedal life sustainment suits that allow them to survive away from their homeworld.   These suits often look like old diver suits of a past era, the Gasloids rely on these suits for survival and are never seen without them unless forced to abandon them under dire circumstances. If they are forced from their suits for an extended period of time they solidify into a hibernating crystal form and can only be revised by being exposed to extremely high temperatures and pressure, which pushes them back into their silicone-gas form.
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One of numerous styles of Life Sustainment Suit

Life Sustainment Suits
These suits contain their gaseous form and keep them at a very high temperature and pressure. As they are silicon-based gas life forms their forms can only be sustained at extremely high temperatures that mimic their homeworlds. Making life outside of these planets difficult and dangerous. To enable their wanderlust and allow them room to explore the Delta Space, the Gasloids requisitioned and eventually made their own life sustainment suits.   These suits contain their gaseous form and keep them at the required parameters to allow for continued life in gaseous form. The suits are designed to allow for the regulation of temperatures and to create a high-pressure environment. The suits can also be customized with various tools and tech for whatever the Gasloid's needs are. Though by default they come equipped with several external ports to allow for decanting small expressions of gas and for the insertion of silicon-gas tubes which is a necessary function to allow the Gasloids to refresh their gaseous forms with nutrients.   If on the off chance that the suit is compromised or a Gasloid has to abandon it, they are not in immediate danger. Even if their forms fall to a cold temperature their forms will first solidify into a crystalline form, which is a sort of hibernation for them. This thankfully means that they are in no immediate danger of perishing, and can be revived if they are exposed to extreme heat and pressure, like that of a starship's sublight compression engine, or the gentle pressures of a dwarf star. However, this crystalline form is fragile and if broken may spell doom for the Gasloid, so it must be handled with caution.


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