Condors are a relatively intelligent speaking bird species mostly living in the Highlands and Mountains of the Cylinder. Although they are considered as equals by most Perrots cultures, they struggle with the grasping of a lot of abstract and spiritual concepts, and the development of technologies, making them outsiders in a lot of societies.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Condors are a fully monogamist species, with individuals often mating for life, and often dying of despair at the loss of their loved one. However, unlike some monogamist species, they often communicate with nearby couples, and tend to trade products. It is also fairly common for groups of condors to gather and hunt together, or to share refined products in some ceremonial events.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Condors are present in almost every highland and mountain of the Cylinder.

Average Intelligence

Condors are capable of speech, and they are able to build and use specialized tools with their claws. However, their intellect is still relatively limited, and they generally struggle to grasp abstract concepts such as mathematics, deep philosophical thoughts, or fancy manners.   However, Condors have a notoriously good eyesight, and are able to learn reading: a trained Condor is able to decifer handwriting on a paper from a distance of several dozen meters.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Being able to speak, most Condors are using local dialects of the Commonlang.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Condors are often considered as equals by Perrots, who tend to respect every birds. They tend to trade a lot with them, selling wild game, refined food, and raw material in exchange for jewelry, complex tools, spices and cave products.   Mountains Hound often dislike or despise Condors. They see them as cattle thieves, and inferior, untrustworthy birds.
  These images illustrate the friendly relations between tribal Perrots and Condors.
Scientific Name
Corvus Titanos
The Condors are partly provolved descendants of Earth crows, crossed with a variety of raptor species.
50 years
Average Weight
12-17 kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Because of their connection to Cave Perrot groups, Condors tend to appreciate the wearing of body features. They usually follow the same make-up trends as the local Perrots groups, with whom they tend to trade.

Cover image: by Pouaseuille


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