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Travelogue excerpt: journeys of a Historian

Visiting Figmenton is an absolute must for any traveller wishing to discover the Brivayan Trade Republic. The town has existed since long before the republic, and remains a dynamic and pleasant city. It was one of the first towns out of the Lunid river system to be fully integrated in the republic, along with the neighboring city of Spirklaus. However, the two settlements followed drastically different developments. Where Spirklaus was close to the sea and intensely industrialized, Figmenton developped itself more slowly at first. It was only at the end of the first century that the city picked up steam, thanks to the development of fast communication and transport methods towards the capital.   While Spirklaus is a crafter and worker settlment, Figmenton is quieter and more elevated, as one might say. Some of the nation’s best lawyers and administrators are trained there, and live among most of the Brivayan elite.   Visiting town, one might be charmed by the cozy marketplace, the beautiful riverine walkway, and the numerous inns and taverns. One may want to visit the Spirit Hazel neighborhood and its historic manors, or wish to visit the meandering lanes of the Hilltop Park, next to the communal University.   (...)

Outrageous abduction in administrative manor

    Three days ago, the usually quiet Spirit Hazel neighborhood was shaken by an unprecedented tragedy: the Dimadon Manor, home of one of the country’s most prominent administrative family, was broke into.   According to this journal’s sources, the incident occured on the night from the 9th to the 10th, as the family was home. While no unusual noise was reported in the neighborhood, eyewitnessed report the manor was visibly turned upside down. «I have never seen such a mess of furniture, a local declared. I didn’t know dining tables could be pushed inside the walls like that.»   While no valuable items were lost in the burglary, the tragedy unfoiled as the family’s last residing child, Khami Dimadon, was found missing the following day.   According to the Figmenton Police, neither the identity nor the motives of the criminal are currently known. Surveillance has been increased at the city’s gate to prevent them from escaping town.   (...)
— Figmenton Printed, 12th Icick 227

Hubrivay official census

Town name: Figmenton   Date of complete census: 230 TR   Census taker: Melav Mills, appointed leading Brivayan Lawyer   Population: 32 930
  • 21,274 Homini
  • 11,532 Birdkind1
  • 124 Condori
  Evolution since previous census: +3,210   Current head of town: Triumvirat Basil Upstream, Melav Mills, Birk Schaleeny   Time since instalment: 4 years (226 - 230)   Political position: Aristocratic, Pro-republic   Relations with Trade Republic: Integrated part of the Republic   City main import: Mining goods, Refined Goods   City main export: Textiles, machinery, Taxes.   Comments from the census taker: The development of the National Railway, along with the recognition of the University’s prestige, are greatly increasing Figmenton’s attractivity. It is now a booming and active city, playing an active part in the Republic’s success.

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