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Two documents have been gathered upon the file Springvley. The first one seems to come from an official registry. You wonder how it ended up in this room. The second document is a series of excerpts from a travelogue.  

Travelogue excerpt

The following, we left Lyrance and let our coach take us to the old city of Springlvey, where we were to spend half a dozen days.   The trip between the two largest towns of the Prune Mountains was not too unbearable, so that even we found it rather pleasant. Large fractions of the road are flat and well-maintained, as is necessary for such a well-travelled road. Yet, the road is not too travelled either: heavy goods are largely transported on the Lunid river, which means only fast couriers and travellers take the road. Besides, there is the landscape: tall, shattered cliffs and arches covered by vibrant forest, cloud seas accumulating down the valleys, desperate to spill over the peaks. For the places of terror and misery they are, mountain ranges certainly look fantastic.   It took us half a day to each the city itself, which left us plenty of time to visit after we unpacked at the Hovergate, a small but lovely inn. From there, it was mostly visits.   Albeit small, Springvley is a city with history, and it shows. The roads are paved and winding, the buildings are old. Streets are painted in pastel colors and covered with flowers, which provides a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.  
  According to our local guides, archives exist of this settlement more than eight hundred years ago! While the current capital of the Prune Mountains is Lyrance, Springvley used to dominate the regions, up to the beginning of the Trade Republic. It was however, almost entirely annihilated around 55 TR. Since its sacking, the city has reorganized closer to one portion of its walls. It is slowly growing back, although it lost a large fraction of its influence.   Our short stay allowed us to visit many of the numerous restaurants and dining places of the city. Should our readers wish to visit the place, we absolutely recommend for them to taste (...)

Excerpt from the Hubrivay official census

Town name: Springvley   Year of complete census: 227 TR   Census taker: P̵̡̨̭̬̦͔̫̳͈̮̯̥̅̐̂l̸̢͈̮̤̺̥̮͚̬̻̠̠͔̎̆̏̌̑͆́ų̴͔͈̭̣͆͑͗̾̒͆̃͌̊̑̌m̸̛̫͓̗̙̙̣̩̮̩̂́̒̇͆̅̃̽̂̃͛̿̕͜e̴̤̻̦̰͈͇͓͎̔̎͑̓ͅ ̵͙̱͂̂͑̔̈́̇̌͆̓̃͛̿̕͘D̷̢̢̼̘͇͇̫̮͎̦͇̪̈́͜i̵̧̨̛̹̤̤̙͚̯͔͚̤̘͛́͑͐̉m̸̢̢̤͇̬̝̖͕͚̅̈́̈́̍͑̔̄̈͑́̆̚a̷̡̡̭̖̱̱̤̣̝̲̠͐͗̏͊̎͐̿͜͜ͅd̷̳̾͒͒̂͝͝o̷̰͑̎̈́̐̈́̉͂̒̃̆̍͘ṇ̸̛͔́̈́̌, appointed Brivayan Lawyer   Population: 12 051
  • 5, 510 Homini
  • 6, 380 Birdkind
  • 184 Condori
  Evolution since previous census: +451   Current head of town: Mayor Blair Walken   Time since instalment: 12 years (215 - 227)   Political position: Aristocratic, Pro-annexation   Relations with Trade Republic: Administrative harmonization began in 221   City main import: Grain, refined goods   City main export: Cheese, Wine, mineral resources.   Comments from the census taker: none

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29 Jan, 2023 21:08

I love the CSS for the New Apartment!   Evolution since previous census...? What does that mean?   While the artwork gives a great sense of the city, I'd like to see more descriptive words used in the text. The mountain ranges might be fantastic looking, but what does that mean exactly? What colors do they choose for roads, pastel, vibrant, muddy (on this, the roads don't look colorful or have flowers in the images)?   The article gives a very cozy feeling, good vibes for this quaint little town.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
30 Jan, 2023 12:12

Thanks for this comments!   The "evolution since previous census" thing is just some sort of statistical number: the population change since the last time a census like the one displayed was produced. The main goals of these were to show whether a town is rather attractive and dynamic, or losing population at the moment: it was used to make this document feel like "paperwork", as it were.   Thanks for the insights, I will edit the description a bit :)

With love,   Pouaseuille.