The Crucible Timeline

  • 0 BLE

    The End of the Light
    Era beginning/end

    For reasons unknown other than to the gods, the great pillars of Light, one on each planet shut off, rendering travel between the worlds of the Crucible extremely difficult save for the Dwarves of Titan and the Void Navy.

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    The Nayoman Invasion
    Military action

    The alien race the Nayoman invaded the Crucible bringing the worlds to there knees and nearly wiping out all civilisation. Only through a combined effort between the lost world of Agartha, The Height of Hope and the worlds of the Crucible were the Nayoman beaten back.

  • 1745 ALE


    Birth of Blue Requiem
    Life, Birth

    Born in a dingy backhouse on Leonis, Blue would go on to more meaningful things than her inauspicious start.

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  • 1897 ALE


    Turgu takes over as CEO of Sun Spire
    Political event

    With the death of his Father, Turgu takes over as CEO of Sun Spire, economists predict big things.

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