The logistical concerns of Daxu mean that paving vast highways through the jungles and forests is impossible, but goods and people need moving and so the Magrail system was created. Daxu is an incredibly green and harsh land, some places have never seen natural light since creation due to the thickness of the tree coverings, and some of the vines and plants can grow so fast they can overgrow paths within days.   The first part of the Magrail system were the great pylons, a series of pylons spaced 250m apart anchored tens of meters down into the ground and surrounded by some of the strongest concrete known to the lands, these pylons stand high up and contain the apparatus to hold the rails up. At various points there are 'passing rails' where cars can pass each other, this way they function quite like roads.   The carriages vary from single cars designed to carry passengers all the way up to great cargo carriages that can send vast amounts of freight between the settlements of Daxu.
Daxu Transport Inc.