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The Touched

The Touched or Ti'Da'Din are reviled and feared by many. They actually represent two different minorities. The Egg laying sapient races and those believed to be diseased or cursed. Lumped together just due to their physical features and general suspicion of both groups.   The egg laying races of the Avians and Dragonmen are a rare sight in Bellflower and considered bizarre and exotic. Feared mostly due to their differences in appearance and traditions born of their different methods of reproduction. Both have a far more clan based society than nuclear family, and members are less likely to exhibit independent streaks. While lumped in with those considered cursed, they are detailed more on their own pages.   The cursed began to show up a few years after the Plauge of Silmora. Children of dwarves, elves, humans and gnomes were born with strange features. These ranged from horns, tails, odd color skin, rocky skin, and unusual powers. Initially they were put to death as it was feared that they were carriers of the plague manifest. Indeed the Knights of Truth believe them to be religiously deficient and call them to repentance.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Names are selected by the individual during a naming ceremony as they reach basic physical maturity. Often dealing with their ability these names can take many forms. Prior to the official naming they are given pet names by the society.

Family names

Those considered cursed are often found making up their own family associations or possibly keeping the names of their parents.


Gender Ideals

Gender is far less important to the touched than many other societies. What matters if you are capable.

Relationship Ideals

The touched, as an outcome of being considered cursed and shunned, tend to be fiercely independent. They would prefer to be thought of as a individual instead of a group, and feel each person should deal with their own issues instead of relying on others.

Major organizations

These outcasts began to conglomerate and are now a significant portion of the population of Fighters of Wold and the Conclave of Equals.
From a function aspect, the touched are used as a category that encompasses many of the unusual races found in 5th editions players handbook and Volo's guide.

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