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Spotted Fae

The spotted fae are a type of sprite/pixie associated with luck. While not all tales suggest it to be good luck, most say it is more likely than not to be good. They are often sought for luck in love, childbirth, and general wellbeing.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

They love talking about it, but rarely tell the same story. Some hypothesize this is a long running joke they play on the mortals they interact with.

Growth Rate & Stages

Few children have ever been observed, and adults appear to have lifespans much longer than humans. It is suspected they mature rapidly or are unable to make themselves visible in the normal realms until maturity.

Ecology and Habitats

As they live in the fae realm that borders the natural world they can live in most ecologies. Most take on features of their ecology.
  1. Forest dwellers taking on aspects of ladybugs or spotted flowers.
  2. Desert dwellers, aspects of spotted lizards or tarantulas
  3. Mountain dwellers, aspects of granite or mottled bark
  4. Cave dwellers, aspects of flecked phosperescence

Additional Information

Social Structure

The spotted fae are merely a type of fae that commonly lives with other types of fae. They seem to take on more oracular roles in addition to their mischief. As with most fae they form small groups or enclaves and only occasionally gather in larger cities or towns.


Good luck, we would love to see you try.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It is believed these fae can sense the invisible and unseen characteristics of the world. They are sensitive not only to invisible creatures, but the powerful currents of aetheric energy in ley lines.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Compound names of plants, minerals, and descriptors are the norm for first names. Family names are not used, but place descriptor phrases are used similarly to distinguish between otherwise common names. Natively they are expressed in sylvan, elvish or draconic, but easily translated to more common tongues.   Examples: Brightwing of the Bubbling Pond by the Jade Mountains, Jademoon from the Grassy Knolls with the Puprescent Mushrooms etc

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Sylvan, Elvish, Draconic

Common Dress Code

Flamboyant, often impractical (as they live in the fae realm, and not subject to the same types of weather extremes)

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