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Golem Forge

At one time Golem Forges turned out guardian servants and warriors.  


Several locations are known, but some have been lost over time. None are known to be functional at this time. Soramizu has one that was converted to a Cartary repair shop. There was a subterranean forge near Ilroor Maror though it has been overrun by a cult to the mechaniod demon of Dirital.   One was lost in The Raikirian Desert which was known to specialize in glass and metal servant models.


Golems were made of many types of materials, but all had a spell matrix that needed anchoring. Anchoring was done with powdered gems, the flesh of wizards, the bones of sorcerers or the brains of psychics.  


Mining Models The mining models were very popular, especially underwater due to their lack of water breathing needs. Their ability to survive cave-ins for later retrieval made them quite capable and valuable for dangerous mining expeditions. These would often have drills or chisels, and were generally not humanoid in appearance.   Servant Models These domestic servants were popular in filing and serving. Only the most complex and expensive models were capable of near sentient level communication and complicated tasks such as cooking. They did tend to spook animals and so were not used to care fore livestock, mounts or pets. Generally these had a rough humanoid shape, though a few were not.   Guard Models Guard models were popular due to their lack of a need for sleep. They were able to be made out of many materials and in many styles. While many were humanoid, many were not.
Access & Availability
Currently not available.
The complexity of the forges, the staff required to run it, and complaints of questionable resourcing of the necessary ingredients, led to their closure.
Mass producing golem forges date to around the mid 5000's in Imperium Reckoning, though most were shut down due to a variety of economic and resource pressures during the The Plague of Silmora

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