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"When you traverse the road from Tharg, it'll eventually lead to a dead end in the village of Nordalang. This settlement is nestled in the Essary Hills and surrounded by gentle woodlands. It is far enough away from the Furnary Forest not to have to deal with monsters and evil spirits, but close enough that few people dare visit. It is an obscure settlement, and most people forget that it exists. However, due to their isolation from the rest of Rasfadal, Nordalang has developed a unique culture and habits. For outsiders, the village may seem like a strange place.   Every year during the Summer Fair festivities, the citizens of Nordalang host a woodchopping contest. The winner of the contest is named the Elder, and takes residence in the Elder Manor. As long as they remain the Elder they are considered the spokesperson for the village and are held responsible for upholding the law of the count."   D. Harewood, Fendalian Cartographer


  • Nordalang
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