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The Continent of Wordal

A World by Daniel Hasenbos

An Endless Work in Progress

Wordal is part of a world building project that I'm doing with the people that support my Patreon. Every other month my patrons get to vote for a theme, and that theme determines what part of Wordal we're going to explore next. As of now most of the continent is still covered in clouds, but little by little we'll discover more, until finally we have explored the entirety of the land.   This is an ongoing project and you'll find many articles that are still a work in progress or placeholders, but a lot of the main articles are very closed to being finished. Feel free to browse the page in the meantime!

The Continent of Wordal

Wordal is a large continent that is home to a variety of people and cultures, as well as diverse biomes. The north is a cold wasteland and home of a harsh folk related to giants and the dwarves of Hammarkin. To the west are the great kingdoms and remnants of the great Ryric en Burbric empires. South are the unexplored jungles and deserts that are home to dangerous creatures and powerful magic. To the west is an isolated merchant republic that has sets its eyes on a a new continent.   Between these lands are countless adventures to be had! How will you help the Continent of Wordal?

All You Need In One Setting

I have been working on this setting for a couple of years and it is now at a point where it is rich enough to support your campaign for years. The Setting includes over 150 maps of the continent, kingdoms, cities, villages, castles and dozens of special locations. Each mapped location has a rich lore and plot hooks to spark your imagination.
The Continent of Wordal