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Now what buddy, a Blain? No man, that's to high for us… for now at least A recoded conversation between members of @[Glaide]   (organization:23c1949a-139a-4ee9-b063-2a797ab4b42e) before they carried out a great robbery
Blain is a rare and exotic fish found only in Luft or aquariums, as buying one is extremely expensive. They are difficult to found as they live very deep in the ocean and they can "turn off" its colors if it is scared so that it can become completely dark black and escape.

Basic Information


It is a little fatty fish, with a big divided tail. This type of tail makes it difficult to swim fast, but nature has you covered. The tail itself can grown up to 6cm in comparison to the 7cm of its body, making it fast enough to not get caught easily.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce with eggs, as any other fish would. The females lay around 3 eggs each year.

Dietary Needs and Habits

You are more specific with your tastes than a Blain, this is war not a restaurant. Now eat it. Conversation between members of the Taskforce One during The Colonies Revolution
  They only eat fresh meat, as they usually hunt little shrimps or crustaceans in the wild. When a male hunt something, he calls all nearby fishes of the specie to come eat. Maybe around 6 fish would arrive and then eat it, sharing it.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Rich people usually have exotic pets, and this one is a very expensive candidate. Usually having one is seen as power, but sometimes people have more than that, being the ultimate gods among their rich friends. One specimen can cost around 60 Corenses

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As any other fish, it can see and "talk" making what for humans are silent sounds but for them is a language. It is thought that they can feel emotions, and one example of this is the fact that they can only become temporarily black if a substance called is present in their blood, a stimulant product of fear as adrenaline is.
From 10 to 30 years
Conservation Status
Unknown, as it is very difficult to found, if one specimen is caught, it is probably going to be in the black market very soon.
Average Weight
500 gr
Average Length
11 cm

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