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I am open for commissions! I am accepting commissions for world maps, region maps, and battle maps, made either in photoshop or Inkarnate. Contact me via discord Ellysium#1369  

World Maps

I can render world maps with varying levels of detail on Inkarnate and Photoshop. I can also draw them by hand with pencil and ink, and digitize them. The starting cost for a world map is $50 USD via Paypal. Depending on the size and level of detail, they go up to $150 USD.
Valjeta World Map with Inkarnate
by Kayla Perisho-Denley
Shira'Tol World Map with Inkarnate
by Kayla Perisho-Denley

Region Maps

I can hand draw region maps and/or create them with Inkarnate or Photoshop. Depending on style and level of detail, region maps range from $40 USD to $100 USD.
Blackthorn Dale Hand-drawn Map
by Kayla Perisho-Denley
Ruined Town with Inkarnate
by Kayla Perisho-Denley

Planet Renders

If you need planet art for you Sci-fi game or story, I can render them from scratch on Photoshop. Planet renders are $50 USD.
by Kayla Perisho-Denley
by Kayla Perisho-Denley

Character Art

I can draw character art either with traditional media or Photoshop. A bust is $40 USD, a full body is $100, and a concept sheet with multiple renders is $150.
Mira'ili's Menagerie
by Kayla Perisho-Denley
Good Omens Witch
by Kayla Perisho-Denley

Other Maps and Art

I can also make galaxy maps, political maps, monster art, and traditional dungeon maps. Any custom work is priced based on level of detail, ranging from $40 to $150.
Galaxy Map with Photoshop
by Kayla Perisho-Denley
Werewolf Art with Photoshop
by Kayla Perisho-Denley
Traditional Dysonized Dungeon
by Kayla Perisho-Denley

On Pricing

A map or character art takes a lot of skill and time. I value my time at $20 per hour. A basic map will take at least two hours to create. For custom art that takes longer than seven hours, there may be an extra fee. The payment is collected up-front via Paypal. Please fill out the form here.