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Whenever there is a fight that ends with a body, the mysterious Gravedigger shows up to bury it.
Just as the survivors stop fighting, the sound of a squeaking can be heard. Seconds later, a man in Victorian mourning attire and top hat will show up, pushing a small rusty cart.
He will greet everyone and ask if he can bury the body. Even though there is nothing scary about the man, no one has ever refused his question. Even the strongest, fiercest and cruel people just nod their heads as if they were really scared of him.
A smile shows up on his face every time and he takes the shovel out of his cart.
First, he will check the ground in the area to find the best place to bury the bodies, then he will check the number and the state of the dead. Then he starts to dig. The sound of his shovel is accompanied by the sound of him humming some sad song. When the hole is deep enough, he will go to the bodies and patch them up if possible. After burying them, he plants flower seeds on top of the newly made graves.
Then he thanks the people who are still there for accepting his offer and moves forward to his next target.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is tall and slender, he looks almost sickly because of that.
He never runs but he can dig 12 graves without a sign of fatigue.
He smells of incense and ash.

Body Features

Very pale skin, long arms and legs.

Facial Features

His jaw is very delicate.
Almost all of the features on his face are long: he has wide narrow lips, long nose, brows, and ears (that even look a little pointy). For some time he had a beard, but he shaved it.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears a mourning attire - a long coat with tail, slender pants, and black boots, all black. He also wears a top hat and worn grey gloves for digging. Once in a while, he shows up wearing glasses on his nose (it is unknown if he needs them in any way or are they only decorative).

Specialized Equipment

He pulls a little cart wherever he goes in which he has the gear needed to bury the bodies.
He has shovels and pickaxes (if the soil is hard), Fire Elemental Crystals (if the soil is frozen), flower seeds, as in The Pit it is the tradition to plant flowers on the graves and even the wooden frame (if the soil is loose and would fall into the grave while digging).
For the body preparation, he has bandages, threads and needles, sticks (to hold the broken or detached limbs together with the rest of the body), water and rags to clean the corpse and the comb.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Eating cucumber sandwiches when he takes a short break, the smell of the flowers, to sow

Virtues & Personality perks

He is patient like a saint. No one ever saw him get angry. As he travels all around The Pit, he must be either really strong (but no one ever saw him fight) sneaky or lucky.

Personality Quirks

Even if the hell broke loose all around him, he will not stop his work.


Social Aptitude

Even though he is very quiet and calm, people fear him. He exudes the aura of uncanniness and weirdness so much it could be mistaken for some kind of charisma, as there is no human that would even try to harm him and no one can refuse to what he says.
If he ever used it with any malicious intent, he could achieve and do unspeakable things.


He talks quietly but in a way, everybody hears him. He is overly polite, calling everyone sir or madam. He always thanks for letting him bury the bodies.

Biological Sex
His hair and shadow of his hat almost always cover them, but they are grey and they look lifeless.
Short, very curly, and brown
190 cm
Quotes & Catchphrases
Hello, sirs, I am the Gravedigger, may I bury those corpses?

Don't worry, they will look great

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