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Sun Legate

Sun Legates are the highest rank an officer can reach in the Kalriv Legions, second only to the Basileus of the Empire. Sun Legates usually oversee either a regional command or a particular aspect of the Legions (such as training, logistics, siegecraft, cavalry, et cetera). They usually command multiple legions, with the Legates commanding each individual legion reporting to them directly.


Officially a Sun Legate can be appointed by a Basileus for any reason. In practice, most Sun Legates are expected to have extensive experience commanding legions (ideally ten or more years) and generally would have worked in close collaboration with multiple Sun Legates over their career. They also need to have distinguished themselves through their command somehow.


Only the Basileus may raise somebody to the rank of Sun Legate, although such appointments are usually recommended by panels of Sun Legates and possibly the High Solar.
Form of Address
Sun Legate
Equates to
Marshal (Helikan Army)
High Captain (Avadian Admiralty)
Imperator (Royal Army of Mayoka)
Length of Term
Sun Legates serve at the Basileus' pleasure
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