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"And the asaphera did say to Mikos - rise from the ground and be not afraid, for Venderus has sent me to hunt for you, to guard you, to lead you to the Mesa and your people to their destiny."
-excerpt from a tablet of questionable veracity about the prophet Mikos' discovery of Var Kalriv
  The asaphera is an extremely rare creature, believed to be either mythical or extinct in most circles. It is a creature said to be part man, part lion and part eagle. It is believed to be an exemplification of nobility, strength and power, particularly in the Kalriv Empire, which features the asaphera as a popular icon on its legion standards and artwork.   There have been no confirmed sightings of asapherae by humans in their history, although there are many stories about them appearing to rescue and guide travelers in strife and punish evildoers.

Basic Information


The popular depiction of the asaphera is that of a powerfully-built being similar to a lion, but with two major anatomical differences. In place of a lion's head, the asaphera has the head of a human being- usually extremely beautiful or handsome by cultural standards. The asaphera also has a pair of large feathered wings, capable of flight. Asapherae do not appear to have visible sex or gender, although their faces can appear masculine, feminine or androgynous.

Ecology and Habitats

Most legends and stories about asapherae place them in the sun-blasted rock and canyons of the Venderan Desert. Most sources say that they do not reside there however, and claim that they are native to the Heavens themselves, dwelling in Venderus' holy domain.

Biological Cycle

According to legend, asapherae do not age or die as mortals do, nor do they reproduce. Many stories claim that they were created fully formed and fully sentient by Venderus' hand at the birth of the world.


Reports of asapherae claim them as not only being sentient, but possessing a keen wisdom and intelligence exceeding humans. They are said to have a regal yet aloof temperament, but when angered can possess a righteous fury.

Additional Information

Social Structure

All reported sightings of asapherae claim that they are solitary beings, never appearing in the world with others of their own kind. With that said, religious texts refer to councils of asapherae that serve Venderus, and it can be implied that they have a social order and structure within the heavens.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Some myths pertaining to asapherae claim that they do not speak to people through their voices, but are instead able to communicate their thoughts directly into the minds of the people they address. They are said to be able to see into the hearts and souls of humans, and this is how they take worthy humans under their protection.  

Civilization and Culture

Cultural Significance

The asaphera is of great cultural and spiritual reverence in the lands of the Kalriv Empire, where they are seen as the divine servants and emissaries of the Kalriv sun god Venderus, and are seen as the embodiment of his divine strength, wisdom and nobility. They feature extensively in Kalriv artwork; whether on banners and standards of legionaries or painted on bas-reliefs of wonders like the Triumph Gate and the Solar Gardens. They are depicted in both officially accepted and non-canon writings pertaining to the Solar Faith.
Average Height
1.1 - 1.4 metres
Average Weight
210 - 270 kgs
Average Length
1.7 - 2.4 metres
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most asapharae are golden, tawny or brown in colour. Their wings are a brilliant white. Their eyes are often gold or silver, and seem to give off their own light.

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