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Owl Oar

The town of Owl Oar
A small town located south of The Independant City States of Placent and north of The Credtara Empire, it is a sleepy village that is interested in very little except fishing, farming and getting on with life.
The hamlet of Owl Oar is located in the northern coast just south of the strandflats that lead to the The Independant City States of Placent. Situated slightly inland along the Pierdon River, it serves as a small waypoint along the trade route between Placent and the rest of The Credtara Empire. Unfortunatley it is slightly off the beaten path and only sees the occasional caravan. It boasts a small Inn with an adjoining tavern. Primarliy self sustaining, it’s claim to fame is the Keep; the original school of magicial tutoring. Techincally set well outside the towns boundaries, it’s the nearest settlement and over the years the town and the Keep have developed a fond relationship to each other; with each working to ensure that the other is protected from any external threat.   There are several point of interst that will serve as a start point for any adventuring party. The following locations and residents have needs that would benefit from assistnce.   Torbin Gladfellow: Torbin is the local tavern owner and inn keeper. He’s in need of getting his local beer delivered north to Finhook and picking up resupply for his Inn. He’s got the wagon, but can’t spare the staff to make the run as it takes 2 days to get there and 2 days back. He simply can’t spare the employees to be gone for 4 days and none of his staff (mostly family) have any skills to conuter the recent increase in bandit activity to the north. He’s willing to pay a resonable amount to have the deliver/pickup made or is equually interested in working for trade against any bill the players may have generarted at the Inn.   The run north will require 1 short rest to complete and shoudl require 2 checks each day on the following table to determine bandit activity. 1D6 1-4 No activity 5 Preception check DC 15 to identifty the party is being watched/tracked. 6 party is attacked by 2D4 bandits. STAT BLOCK   On the return journey if there has been no attack on the first half of the trip, add +2 to all rolls on the bandit activity table. In the event of an attack if the party has not had the opportunity or succeeded in identifying that they were being tracked the bandits will get a surprise attack at the star of combat. If the characters have successfully identifed that they were being watched or tracked at any point, then they will cancel out any bandit surprise.   Routing/escaping the bandits by any means will count as a successful encounter. The encoutner will be considered a failure if the wagon or the goods are lost. The bandits are not interested in killing the PCs but will do what is necessary to acquire the goods up to losses of 40% at which point they will retreat, regroup and attempt a second attack at the next check (if one still remains) after mustering an additional 1D6 reinforcements.     Adam Trinket: Adam is a farmer who lives on the outskirts of town but is at the tavern to drown his woes. Wild boars have been trampling and uprooting his crops. He’s been able to kiil a few, but there are too many and he’s in need of help culling the singular. Players will rewared for bringing back 1 wild boar per player in the party +2 additional. The wild boars will be found in the fields and the forrest to the west and north of Adam’s fields. Adam only wants 1 of the carcasses and all the heads. Torbin at the Inn will be interested in the rest of the carcasses and will pay a discounted price for the meat.   The Widow Turney: The Widow Turney has been serving as the local midwife and healer for the past 40 years. She’s happy to welcome in any visitors and would be interested in trading services for help gathering some ingrediends from the hills to the west and north. The problem is the increasing population of wild boar, wolves (and goblin). She’s been having more and more difficulty collecting her herbs and roots from the woods due to increased threats. She will trade services or pay to have the materials she needs collected.   She can provide descriptions and some hand drawn pictures of the herbs and roots she needs. Characters with HERBOLOGY or SURVIVAL will have a +2 on their skill check to find the items. They will be medium difficulty to locate (DC 11+1D4).  Characters will need to make 5 successful checks by any members of the party to complete this quest.  After each check (successful or not) the GM should check for interference from outside forces.  Roll 1D10; 1-7 nothing happens, 8-9, 1D4 Wild Boar appear and defend their territory.  On a roll of 10 1D4+1 Goblins appear and will attempt to interrupt the party and then continue to harass them from surrounding woods until they are disposed of and defeated.     Phyllis & Bartlet Kob: The couple's teenage daughter is missing.  She was last seen entering the woods to forage for wild birds eggs.  Players completing 3 successful tracking checks will be able to track the girl to a cave in the nearby hills.  She has fled there to meet up with her secret love; a shepherd boy from a nearby town.  They have set up a makeshift home in the cave and players will need to make a successful persuasion check to convince the girl to return home with them.  Alternatively they can take her by force but will be forced to fight the shepherd boy and his dog if they choose this action.      Magus Winstrom Runecraft: The Keep lays claim that while it is not the largest school of magic, it is the oldest.  The current headmaster of the school is Magus Windstorm Runecraft and he will seek the party out in the tavern and ask them to visit the Keep the following day.  Once all are present at the Keep, he will explain that he is in need of the magically learned to help locate two magical items that have gone missing.  He refuses to suspect students as the thieves, but is at a loss to locate the charms; one a pendant with a small red stone, and the other a small embroidered sash.  Both have significant enough auras of magic that anyone with the Sense Magic ability should have no trouble identifying them.  He has already searched the school and confirmed they are not with in the walls.   The pendant will be found in a magpie nest in the woods north of the school, and the sash will be found tangled in some brambles just outside the walls of the Keep.  The Magus will reward the party with a small salt shaker that will 'never run dry' for their efforts to help him.     Bibble Runesmith: Once players have completed at least 2 of the above quests, they will meet Stibble in the tavern.  Torbin will ask the party to handle a small problem for him.  A customer has become intoxicated and needs to be taken home.  They will find Bibble all alone at one of the few long tables.  He will be drunk as a skunk, and as luck would have it, will have his pet skunk with him.  The skunk will be very defensive of the inebriated Bibble and will attack anyone who tries to lay hands on Bibble.  Players will need to address the skunk issue before helping Bibble home to his cottage on the outskirts of town.   The next day a sober and sorrowful Bibble will apologize for any trouble he or Sparkle caused the prior night.  He is a self taught animal handler and trainer and his house and yard are full of  He will then explain that he was cheated out of a significant sum of money from a trader who promised him a clutch of lesser Thoranic Dragons eggs.  The cheat then fled north to Port Niesh with Bibble's money.  He begs the party to recover his eggs, or at least his money (so he can buy new eggs from a reputable merchant).  He will offer to train them a pet in exchange or failing that offer, a percentage of the money recovered as a reward.  If the party accepts the job they will need to prepare to move on to Port Niesh and the next stage of their adventure.

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