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Port Niesh

Situated against the River Niesh, Port Niesh claims that it is the oldest settlement in the Pindar Lowlands (a claim that is heavily disputed). Setled to the north of the river, it has slowly sprawled out along it’s banks, prompting the the rebuilding of the city walls on several occasions. This creates a kind of concentric ring system and clear demarkation between neighborhoods and districts within the city. The width of the river this close to the sea makes bridges impractical and has slowed development of the south side leaving it primarly used for agricultural purposes. A brisk and busy ferry trade plows the waters north and south to facilitate crossings.   The port itself is a busy and bustling affiar with traffic flowing in and out with the tides that affect the river’s level this close to the Sea. A small fishing fleet calls Port Niesh home and freshwater fisherman troll the waters upstream in less brackish waters. Livestock is also in abundance here and the regions dairies and slaughterhouses are well respected.   Often seen as the first line of defense in the event that the Empire decides to return, Port Niesh is probablky the most fortified city with in the lowlands. There was little objection when Port Niesh reinforced and built water defenses on a small island within the river, arming it with baslitas able to reach the southern shore. They are also responsible for the fortification of the western most fording site about 12 miles up river as additional means of defense. The town of Portgate has since sprung up around it and have even begun construction of a bridge to make the fording easier.

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