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The Independant City States of Placent

Moderately wealthy in resouces, the cities that have grown up in this sheltered coastal lowland have a complex and diverse history with each other. No one city has complete access to all the resources it desires and consequently alternates between trying to trade their bounty with others and outright warfare to take what they want/need from thier neighbors. This months trade alliance for wheat is next months war over iron ore. They squabble and fight among themselves, with alliances that change with the days of the week.   Guarded to the east by a rough and treacherous range of the Valdarong mountains, they are protected from the House of Flay who sees no profit from crossing the sharp peaks for little reward on the other side. They are happy to simply trade with them via the northern port of Talesmont. Access to the Andolas Valley  is to the south around the tail of the Vladrong range and The Credtara Empire itself has made three seperate attempts to bring the region under their control. The first was a complete routing of the surprised forces of the Empire, as the hardened cities and population galvanized against an external foe and drove the Empire out so quickly that it abandoned much of it’s equipment and supplies (which the coalition quickly disintegrated into fighting over saving the Empire further losses). Seeking retaliation for the stinging loss, the Empire returned less than a generation later to a protracted occupation that was broken when, having endured the wet and miserable fall, the Empires forces faced an unusally cold winter. Raiders continued to harass the Empire’s supply lines that were forced to pass close to the coast in the south, and the House of Flay was delighted to provide trade and supplies into the northern region to bolster and build up the region.   The third and most recent attempt was thwarted by the Church of Saldaron. Having made significant inroads through missionaries and establishing churches within the various cities of the lowlands, when the empire marched again, the Church itself demanded it’s withdrawl threatening to excomunicate the current Emperor for attacks aginst the Church itself.   Consisting of 15 recognized cities within the region; it is supported by a plethora of farms, mines, fishing villages, and lumber towns that keep the Placent Lowlands predominantly independent. The largest cities are on the coast as they allow for easy trade with each other and with other counties and cities. Most notable of these are Talesmont to the north and Abacarga  to the south.   Cities of Note: Sevestrom - built on the rocky coast to the north, it is know for it’s fishing, fruits & nuts, and large harbor. Port Niesh - the southern most city and close trading partner with Abacarga, bringing wool, coal, wood and dried meats & furs along with other textiles to the desert city. The shores here are less rocky and the city’s harbor is built along the River Niesh that meanders down from the Valdarongs. Smarktof - Boasting to be the center of the lowlands in both geography and also importance, Smarktof is known for their lumber and thier agriculture. Woodworking is the primary export of the region as the food mostly stays home to feed their growing population. The are also well known within the lowlands for their beer.
Political, independent

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