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The Council Of Sages


The 12 Sages are organised with one point above all other points. That being the head Sage. There are a very limited amount of ways of becoming a Sage and the main method is bypassing an emotionally and mentally challenging test of the Sages. Once passed, you are only qualified, it's not all of the way.

Public Agenda

The public agenda is to ensure the goals of the nation and to promote growth. Financial growth ad technological growth.


The group is entirely secular with no religious backing to hold it as a central point.

Through knowledge comes true power

Government, Leadership
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Enthuthuku Gold, Enthuthuku Silver, Enthuthuku Copper
Legislative Body
The Sages are the lead legislative body of the entire country. The judges being the secondary legislative lead, confirming and spreading law within the country.   • Kgomitso Tantswana,   • Mzakhe Ngwenya   • Vuyisa Matshoanetsi   • Siyabonga Mboweni   • Sipho Mokate   • Thabo Mokonyane   • Mamphela Nzimonde   • Gwede Zamyaka   • Phakamani Mathabatha   • Naledi Mkhize   • Melissa Buthelzi
Judicial Body
The Judges and the Auditors.
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories

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