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Mathias Highreach


Mental characteristics

Personal history

His wife is raisng the family with the help of their cousins while he earns money, his wife being Agrona Stormbreaker. A proud woman who visits alone every 3 months, spending as long as a month before coming back. The arrangement being that the kids will visit once they are ready and be assigned to work in Enduku in order to allow for the kids to grow up with him.


He studied money management as a focus when he was a soldier, knowing he wouldn't be a soldier forever as it just wasn't for him.


Main means of income comes from the organizing of the bets within the stills. His job and duty is to run the mills. Their day time work is the on duty foreman on a wheat refinery. Where they turn wheat into flour. He has keys and opens the doors, paying himself and every else involved before moving to to himself.

Wealth & Financial state

He's fairly wealthy, sending most of his money to his 2 sons who are currently up north, in Boko-ni-bopha.
Current Location


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