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Asya daughter of Enomwayi

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

From the outside she seems small and very petite, with the types of Curves that come with very good exercise. She has a muscular and athletic frame. She's not big, but she is tough physically due to a difficult life of being a wizard she has a great deal of fitness and strength.

Body Features

She has chocolate dark skin.

Facial Features

She has stern look to her generally, with squarish features but in a gentle manner that still makes her quite soft.

Identifying Characteristics

The plating and rings in her dreadlocks with their various colors are a key o make her stand out as they also jingle as window chimes.

Special abilities

She was always a talented wizard and her greatest talent has always been her thunderous outbursts of power. She's naturally against herself and can be at war with her own emotions, which makes her magic rebound or cut off very often, so she is forced to figure out and see it together.

Specialized Equipment

Like many student class wizards and her husband, she tends to wear different types of armored clothing, along with armored leathers, which are basic fabric mixed with either spider silk or metals, depending on what she can afford and how much of it they can afford.

Mental characteristics


She's a full time Tommy Breaker.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Joining the school of magic is something she will never regret as it changed her life for the better.
  • Breaking past beginners, it took unnaturally long for her. And left her with a bit of resentment and feeling like she was an untalented Wizard.
  • Breaking into student class. This was revolutionary as she got to take a break from the school and discovered that beyond anything she genuinely enjoyed maintaining the law and justice..
  • Social

    Family Ties

  • Father's Name is Enomwayi, he was a very simple Tommy Breaker who made the best off his career despite never moving far as a Tommy Breaker. Despite this he worked harder than anyone in the world to make sure that the world is the best it can be for his two little girls.
  • Mother's Name is Gowon, mother was a popular bar maid who led other bar maids in one of the most popular place in the entire South Wall before she hugged.
  • Sister, her name is Punya and is a politician who prides herself in trade deals she makes between the South Wall and the rest of the city.
  • Relationships

    Asya daughter of Enomwayi

    "Moral Edge" (Important)

    Towards Avelin daughter of Bahati



    Avelin daughter of Bahati

    "Hindrance" (Important)

    Towards Asya daughter of Enomwayi




    They known each other for longer than Avelin would have realized. As both Asya and her husband have been feeding her and keeping an eye on her for ridiculously long.

    Nicknames & Petnames

  • Avelin gives a long list of names. Her favorite being the 'bitch'
  • Asya clled her "the kid" or "the fucking kid"
  • Relationship Reasoning

    Asya sees something she doesn't fully understand in this girl. She doesn't know if she hates her or absolutely loves her. She is a troubled kid, who is obviously sharp. But is too sharp for her own good. This girl has the ability to just take and inside of her is a willingness to do just that that scares her. So her reasoning is that she just wants to keep an eye on her in order to keep her from either dying or killing her. Her perfect dream for the girl is not for the position of a wizard or position but rather a wife, because that's just safe for everyone.

    Wealth & Financial state

  • Her mother was fairly working class but her father was obsessed with her and wanted the best for her and therefore made sure that, when she asked to go to Vusi-Ntaba, she would absolutely go.
  • Using this, she managed to use her father's over time in order to learn effectively but in the end, just like most people who go to the The Thorne.
  • After moving in with her husband as Tommy Breakers, they managed to earn a quality living.
  • Current Location
    Year of Birth
    329 UA 25 Years old
    Hazel eyes
    Black Dreadlocks, their thick, long with rings at the base.


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