Divine Summer

Divine Summer is the primal forces of maturation, completeness, nurturing, and light. Summer is the season where through hard work and toil things grow into their prime. This is the time of parenthood, where those that were birthed in the spring must be nutrtured to achieve their greatest potential. It is also the balance of hardworking days and mild relaxing nights.

The Suncrest Festival is the advent of Summer. It is the time when the new growth of Spring matures into the prime of Summer. New parents are held in honor, congragulating both mothers and fathers. Coming of age ceremonies are held to welcome grown children into adulthood.
Midsummer Festival is the apex of Summer's power, the longest day of the year. Often the first summer harvest has been brought in and this is a time where the hard work of the last month is rewarded with a fun festival. It is a celebration of one's prime. There are often competitions for an assortment of skills and talents. Athletics contests to display strength and agility. Crafting fairs to display art and handywork. Competitions for cooking, singing, and anything the locals can think of.

  Strengthening of existing growth. Days are warmer and longer, nights are comfortable and short.

Divine Domains

Nurturing, Mature Growth, Light, Parenthood, Work/Play balance,

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Sheaf of wheat, a Full Sun
Divine Classification
Divine Aspect

The Divines

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Author's Notes

Thanks so much to Diannika for inspriation!

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