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I.S. Keri

This vessel has been my preferred abode, not to mention mode of transport, from the time I first ventured off from Earth, to this present day. It has seen me through more tight spots and bad times than I can count, enduring a lifetimes worth of pain in the process. Through those years, it has been partially rebuilt at least a dozen times, meaning it's gained some considerable upgrades over that time. All in all, this ship has been one of the few places I can sit down by myself and think.

The Vessel itself

Some 180 metres long, and 30 wide, and with a waterborne speed of 60 Knots , combined with my ability to travel through the 'faster' layers of the Warp, I am proud to say that it is one of the fastest ships in the 12 Worlds (and a 10 time winner of the Albion Royal Regatta!). The ship was originally meant for speed and nothing else, though the aforementioned renovations have made it far less austere.
The outside hull is a white with gold trim on the bow, and two large holes on both sides of the ship for on or offloading. With about 4 stories above the waterline, and a large portion of the main deck reserved for seating, there is plenty of space for myself, though having passengers complicates that.
On the inside, its more complicated. Thanks to my wonderful friends at Razorhead Shipbuilding Co., the Keri comes with their patented "Shifting Tides" Magitek, which means that there isn't much of a true floor plan, since I can access any room from any other. Of course, I can't keep that up constantly, so when I'm not present, it reverts to a more conventional layout.  

My life aboard

As I said, I've spent decades aboard this old ship. Throughout those years, aside from having endured the usual bashing of the waves, it has been through things that would sink battleships. One incident that comes to mind involves a battle with a Elder Leviathan Kraken, though most of the credit for our survival goes to ███ , my close friend and fellow adventurer at the time. Speaking of my adventurer days, this ship also served as a convenient and safe place to store our 'plunder', such as the gold beak of the aforementioned Kraken, alongside the The Stacked Deck , among others, including more generic loot. Aside from winning races and giving me a place to stay without rent, the Keri is also helpful in my professional work, which often involves cruising between every continent of the 12 Worlds, chasing clues and hunting cultists. Over the years, the speed of this ship has been the difference between life and death for both myself and entire planets.    

Famous events that the ship played a part in

  As befits such an aged vessel, she has been in the thick of a great many events, each worthy of entire volumes of text, if I ever get the time. Until then, I can only give a short overview of some of the ones that come to mind.
  The Bothnian Weapons Accord
 Back in the days when my time was spent as an adviser to the diplomatic corp of the United Commonwealth, I was sent to Helgafell to oversee the arms control negotiations, specifically the sections about magical weapons. ( To those curious, the response of the Accord's attendees amonted to a resounding "Absolutely Not" with regards to using such weapons). At that time, Warp travel was relatively difficult, and that, combined with the Keri having been docked at Langford-on-Azure at the time, meant that I was asked to help ferry some of my fellow dignitaries to the party.       As it turned out, the band included a fair number of mid to senior Army and Navy officials, all outshadowed by the appearence of His Majesty the Prince of Matshire, Prince Arnold, the Crown Prince of Albion, who had apparently decided to tag along to see the negotiations, and to help stress the KIngdom of Albion's commitment to them. Immediately after he came aboard,  a royal courier came to my shocked person and handed me a letter from the Queen, asking me to take care of him (With an unstated threat of what would happen if I did not).  The nagotiations themselves were fairly successful, and the UC combined delegation went away happy. The Prince made a speech stressing the importance of such international agreements, the Bothnians kindly refrained from calling him a bourgeois imperialist, and aside from a small visit with a combined Signals intelligence team from the Royal Intelligence Agency to plant a few radio interceptors, the Keri didn't see much action.    Today, the main token I keep from those days is the letter I received from Her Majesty, encased in a bulletproof photo frame, and a relationship with one of the mentioned mid to senior Navy Officers. He has sinced progressed quite far in the Admiralty, with a position in the Naval Intelligence Directorate, and I liaison with him often when I need some help from them, though whatever he says, he is not my 'boss', in any sense.

Armor and defense

Inch thick Legioium hull plating all around, and since it acts as a personal storage system, every single artefact and talisman I'vs gathered over the years adds to its defence

Hangars & docked vessels

While the ship doesn't have any permanent hangars, there is a landing pad on her stern, for aeroships and helicopters to settle down. There used to be space for my car, but I had it removed and that space has been repurposed as storage.
International Ship (I.S.)
At this point, several million Chequers have gone into the ship, over the course of it's life.
One of a kind
60 Knots
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
A months worth of provisions, enough storage for anything from a gold bullion to an armoured car, and passenger space for 2 dozen, not that there are ever that many

Technical Aspects

Power Supply

The ship represents the combined efforts of some of the smartest individuals in existence, in addition to my own comparatively light efforts. The Keri's power is mostly supplied directly from the Warp, via panels embedded directly in her hull. This means her range is as close to unlimited as it can be, as long as I remember to dip into the Warp every now and then.   This system took an annoyingly long time to develop, and was only installed on a few of the latest refits of the Keri. Together with researchers from the Royal College for the Research of Magic, in Albion, as well as a team from Razorhead Shipbuilding Co. , we came up with a way of creating the panels that could absorb the ambient Warp energy, while also making sure the ship didn't snap in half when underway. The excess energy was stored below decks, by being converted into conventional electrical energy.


Conventional propulsion is provided by a trio of propellers, which draw their power from both the aforementioned batteries and the panels. This allows the combined electric and magic powered engines to run far faster than ones that rely on a single source, which contributes to the Keri's considerable speed.   In order to make it easier to traverse the Warp, a prototype improved Maynard Drive, which assists the transition of a vessel between dimensions, was installed after a similarly long development trial to the energy panels ,though this time we haad some outside funding from a group I'm pretty sure is the UC Navy.

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Author's Notes

This article is written from the perspective of the ship's owner, so any use of the first person refers to them.

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I like that this is written from the perspective of the ships owner, it is a unique perspective that i have not yet seen in the other articles that i have read. my only other thought is Wow that a big ship for only 1 person.

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