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"The Magician"

Deputy Director, shortened to Director; Hon. Prof., the Duke's University , KCWR (a.k.a. The Magi) (He/Him)

Kurt, you ████ing swine!, When I find out who the  ████ wrote this, there will be Hell to pay!
    The following report was produced by █████ ███, utilizing information retrieved from the government records of the Commission of the United Commonwealth, the Kingdom of Albion and the Weslich Empire, as well as other documentation and sources.   This report was conducted in accordance with the Commission of the United Commonwealth Public Accountability Act of 177, and all effort's were made to ensure that personally sensitive or classified information was left out of any editions of the report.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The subject, despite his age, is known to be in impeccable physical shape, and possesses a great deal of strength, though this may be related to his magical skills.

Special abilities

The subject is known for being one of, if not the, most proficient magicians in the 12 Worlds. This claim is supported both by the scientific achievments mentioned below, but also the known instances of his own magic use.   One of his signature skills, and the most interesting to many magic theorists, is his ability to generate and sustain portals, sometimes in multiple pairs, and for long periods of time. This was in spite of the pre-existing belief that portals were about impossible, and more recent attempts to accomplish the same feat by other magicians have yielded no successes.   Another skill the subject has gained renown for is his Navigation skills, which have won him all of the large, guild sponsored Warp Races that he has taken part in. His skill was put on display before Prince Arnold of Albion, when the Prince accompanied the subject on his ship, the I.S. Keri, to attend the signing of the 2nd Bothnian Accords.   As stated, the subject has shown proficiency in a wide variety of subjects, incuding both alchemy and chemistry, physics, biology and botany, and medical magic.

Apparel & Accessories

The subject is well known for his penchant for tailored suits, with or without waistcoats. The suits are saidto come from 'a good friend', accordng to the subject, and readings taken by security maginometers show that the clothes themselves are somehow enchanted, a claim which is supported by evidence stating that the subject has taken shrapnel, gunshots and knife stabs without any significant damage.

Specialized Equipment

By far the most recognisable piece of equipment in the subject's repertoire is his cane, or 'staff', as the magical varieties are often referred to. The staff, black metal one topped with a deep red crystal of some kind, is known to be the subject's chief weapon, and maginometer readings, combined with evaluations from experts, show it to be one of the most powerful magic artifacts on record. This is backed by the reports, most of whch are fully confirmed, that the staff has allowed the subject to accomplish a series of feats, including the events of ██████████████████████████████.   A secondary tool in the subject's arsenal is what appears to be a pocketwatch, attached to a long chain. While it is unkown what specific powers this tool does in combat, aside from 'tell the time', as the subject said to an enquiry, sensor readings showit to be a significant artifact, though not nearly as strong as the staff.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While little is known for certain about the subject's history before his first involvement with the United Commonwealth, specifically with the Kingdom of Albion's SIS, rumours tell of a skilled magician doing everything from slaying dragons to driving out hives of gigantic bees.    The earliest confirmed report of his activities involve a newspaper article about a team of mountaineers who were the first to have ever climbed to the peak of Mount Eisenhorn, a mountain over 8,000 kilometers tall from its base. This is of minor note due to there being no knowledge of any previous climbing experience, or of the existing relationship with the rest of his team.


Due to evidence that the subject was not a naturally born citizen of any United Commonwealth nation, including admission given by the subject himself, there exist no records of a childhood education status of the subject.   However, there is reason to believe that he had received a very high level of education before joining the Commission, owing to him gaining admission into the Duke's University, Albion, where he was immediately taken on as a teaching staff, supposedly due to an outstanding presentation he gave to the chief faculty on the relationship between magic and conventional science.


Previous records have seemingly been cleared, but there is some evidence pointing towards the subject having been under the operation of the Secret Intelligence Service of the Kingdom of Albion for some years, though no formal documentation exists. Before that, he appears to have mostly conducted his affairs outside of the United Commonwealth, where he would apparently amass a significant amount of wealth.   Similarly, there have been references made to some form of previous employment in some form of military force, most likely a national Army, but there is no evidence pointing to which nation he may have once served.   The first fully confirmed employment he attained was in the Duke's University, Albion, the known circumstances around his entry having been stated above. The subject would continue at the University for some time, with his tenure lasting for 32 years, during which he would often enhance his own knowledge by attending other professor's classes. While there, he effectively became the father of the concept of legitimising the study of magic as a scientific, and wrote a series of books, many of which are still in circulation, though in revised forms.   Then, the subject somehow found his way into service as a special adviser on magic affairs to the government of the Kingdom of Albion. There, he oversaw the formation of an official education path for magic studies, the creation of schools dedicated to teaching magic, and a decrease in the divide between the magical and non-magical community, among a series of other reforms, some of which would spread into official U.C. policy.   After some time, he temporarily reentered academia, and was one of the principal researchers behind the development of inter-world communication without the direct involvement of a magician. Then, he disappeared briefly, and emerged in the Weslich Empire, coinciding with the revealing of a cult that had formed within certain portions of the imperial governemnt, as it was being shut down.   The years between then and his final employment in the O.D.D., the details of which are Classified, Most-Secret, mostly involve him advising various national governemnts on magical security policy, culminating in his termination of the Reynaud Affair, and his subsequent membership on the U.C. committee that would eventually create the O.D.D.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • ████
  • ████
  • ████
  • Being a significant proponent of the development of a formal path for magical public education, and the creation of both a magical syllabus and many magic schools of learning.
  • Contributing to the creation of inter-world communication, though his own opinion of the importance of his contributions to the project, as 'not really necessary', were understated compared to the words of the project chief, who described him as 'the only reason we got anything right.'
  • Participation in a series of Navigator Races, of which he came in first place in all 5 he took part in.
  • Was a member of the negotiation team sent by the U.C. Foreign Affairs Service to negotiate the 1st and Second Bothnian Accords, for the control of magic weapons, and the prohibition of the use of combat magic by combat forces.

Failures & Embarrassments

When he was not appointed as the chief of the Occult Defence Directorate, as many individuals including himself had expected, he first warped out of the meeting room where he was informed of that. He would spend a few weeks resenting his appointed superior, Director Kurt Wegener, though at some point they would end up on friendly terms, possibly after ██████████

Mental Trauma

While he projects a stable, even cold outlook in most formal environments, the subject is known to occasionally show signs of trauma often associated with military service, notably in the presence of loud, shrill sounds like whistles to the approach of a train, and, it is said, he once attempted to beat a man for popping a paper bag nearby him.

Intellectual Characteristics

A renowned author and researcher, it is safe to say that a great deal of our world's modern technology is in some way related to him, if not directly created by him. He is exceedingly knowledgeable in a variety of fields ranging from botany to chemistry to higher mathematics and physics, and has shown the ability to share this knowledge in both his writing and his classes.

Morality & Philosophy

His general philosphy appears to revolve around the idea that the achievement of important aims, for the benefit of all, would be acceptable even at great cost. He is noted for being a proponent of the death penalty, and of course his Section-I has been responsible for a great deal of violence, perpatrated in the defence of the United Commonwealth, and just as, if not more, importantly to him, the rest of humanity itself.


Related to his religious beliefs, the subject does not consume pork, alcohol, or improperly slaughtered meat. However, in certain cultural matters, he is typically considered a fairly progressive person, particularly in his views on gender identity and non-heterosexual marriage, both of which he has at time supported.

Personality Characteristics


His stated current motivation is "the protection of Humanity from the forces of Chaos", and his service in the O.D.D. is believed to be linked to this goal.


Contacts & Relations

Direct Work

Within the O.D.D., the subject is known to have a good relationship with the rest of the senior leadership within the agency. This is partially due to him being able to choose who would take some of those positions, in the form of recommendations given before the organisations creation.   Director Kurt Wegener: The subject, despite a rocky start, appears to have developed a friendly relationship with his superior. Outside of work, he has given gifts every year to Wegener and his husband on their wedding anniversary, and has invited them to take trips at the hotel he usually frequents, The Port in the Storm, which is normally closed to non magicians. However, he is still not above cursing out, telling off and insulting the Director when he feels that it is deserved.   Deputy Director Audrey Smithers: The subject is first known to have met Smithers during his time as an advisor to the Albionian government, where Smithers was tasked with keeping an eye on him to ensure that he was not a security threat. Over this period, they would form a friendly relationship, and would meet again during the Reynaud Affair, when she was sent as a special observer by the SSS during her time as Assistant Director. It is possible they may have met earlier, but there is no certain evidence.   On the job, they are said to have a close working relationship, keeping each other well updated on what their respective Sections are doing, often over breakfast. It is believed that this information sharing has been beneficial to the timely response to various security crises, but such details remain Classified. When not at work, they are occasionally known to both patronise Stamford's Coffeehouse.   Deputy Director Seung Hwan: The subject is known to have first met Mr. Hwan during the latters tenure at the Duke's University, when the two of them were involved in the development of inter-world communications. Afterwards, Mr Hwan would head the University's Department of Magical Research, before being convinced to join the subect at the newly formed O.D.D.   The two of them are generally agreed to be probably the most intelligent people in the O.D.D., and they are often known to confer for days at a time to work on a particularly important project. When not actively working together on a project, they generally stay out of each other way, sending over relevant information when needed. Off the job, they usually confer about the latest academic news, and about pet projects and theories.      

The rest of the United Commonwealth

The subject is noted for having exceedingly close relationships with many of the high ranking individuals within the United Commonwealth Leadership. This list includes:
  • Mr Matthias van Ostven, Chief Minister of the United Commonwealth
  • Mr Navin Vadekar, Chief Commisioner of the United Commonwealth
  • Ms Pak Hi-Ah, Chair of the Council of Nations
  • Mr Franz Keller, Chancellor of the Weslich Empire
  • Ms Margaret Renshaw, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Albion.
  • Mr Konrad Krantz, Foreign Commisioner of the United Commonwealth

Family Ties

His only known family tie is his adopeted son, Gustav Johann Schmidt, currently a Lieutenant General in the United Commonwealth Army, deployed in the Republic of Kievansk. He is known to have a semi-awkward but close relationship with his son, visiting once every few months, and they are known to celebrate birthdays, along with his Daughter-in-law, Lieutenant Colonel Higgs , whom he also has a good relaionship with.

Religious Views

The subject is a Muslim. He is known to be farely strict about following many religious restrictions as they apply to himself, while being more progressive in social aspects.

Wealth & Financial state

The subject, despite the low salary of his current employment, is known to have a significant amount of wealth, blieved to be sufficient for him to never have to work in his life again.    The majority of his wealth is said to be deposited in his account at the Vereinigte Reichsbank, Weslich Empire, an institution known for both its high stability and its privacy. It is believed that the total account value rests at several billion Cheques in liquidity.   The subject is also believed to own a wide variety of assets, also managed by the VRB,  including various securities, and, so rumour states, a large amount of precious metals and diamonds, supposedly from his pre-U.C. times.
Current Status
Deputy Director, O.D.D., Section-I
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Approx. 120
Current Residence
Resides aboard Keri, occasionally takes trips to a variety of locations, such as The Port in the Storm .
Short, Black with grey.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light brown
1.8 m
Quotes & Catchphrases
"You ████ing ████head! You could have..." -Supposedly a common way the subject starts a dressing down of a colleague who has done something he believes to be unwise.   "Oh please, compared to me your knowledge of magic is about as a high as that of a senile hamster's ████. So, stand back and watch how a professional does it." -Supposed word spoken to anyone who questions his magic prowess. First believed to have been stated to Director Wegener.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Possibly limitless. Going off reports, including a series of private letters from the current Foreign Commissioner, there appears to have never been a language that the subject could not understand. The current list of confirmed languages sits at 33, with there quite possibly being more.   Languages operated with the greatest ease, and believed to be his native languages, are English and Melayu.

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