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Shonafa Spear

While the Garruw started as the obvious aggressors, the cruel predator swooping through the skies, there were a lot of reasons why the Asayo-Djemndarra Accords was a negotiation between equal parties. Equal in sentience, equal in hatred, and equal in a willingness to commit depravities.
— A human treatise on Weinadi history
  Simply the shonaofa in the original Dheizeiian, it derives from words that mean "to grasp lightning." A rather inspiring name for the weinadi, considering that the garruw are heavily associated with lightning, and that their incredible speed is one of the reasons the garruw were so successful in hunting the weinadi in the first place. It indicates something impossible, in both the literal meaning and in the metaphorical meaning.   In that light, it is almost a shame that the weapon was so cruel as to be outlawed by the Accords, and rightfully so.    

Designed for Murder

  It took a long time for the weinadi to be able to stand against the garruw and defend themselves. By that point, the garruw had ceased hunting them for food, and what remained was hunting for sport. More vile in that it was less excusable.   The need to defend themselves drove a lot of weinadi industries across all the various cultures. They discovered several effective weapons and strategies against the garruw, bringing many of them down, including early variations of the shonafa spear. And then someone altered it just enough to make it more effective against a very specific garruw population.   Their children.   The spear itself is a lot like a harpoon, in that it is launched, becomes stuck in the target, and is attached to a tether to drag the target down to ground where it can be dealt with. What makes the shonaofa distinct is that it takes advantage of a unique weakness in the outer scales of the garruw that they grow out of by the end of adolescence. (and when I figure out what that is, I will let y'all know)
Item type
Weapon, Ranged

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